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Where can you promote your Podcast? – 10 Platforms to Choose

FACT: Podcasting is an industry with an advertising revenue forecasted to exceed $1B by 2021. According to research, an estimated 62 million people listen to podcasting every week. Here are some tips to help make more money podcasting for your audience.

Let’s get through the numbers quickly! People like Joe Rogan can earn at least $100,000 per episode (however actual income reports vary widely depending on where you upload your content.) Just like with YouTubers and Bloggers, there are many revenue streams. But we will look at the minimum amount you can get from mere advertising.

The general idea behind promoting yourself through your voice is to be visible on as many platforms as possible. People need to be able to hear and know about you or your brand from every streaming or video platform. 

In this article, we will list several ways to promote your podcast and how much you can earn with each one.

How Much Can You Earn Podcasting?

For starters, it is all a matter of where you feature your Podcast and how?

Platforms like Apple Podcasts or Spotify are likely to be the first to come to mind. But they’re not the only ones. The common rule of thumb is to distribute your content to every platform, big and small, to grow an audience and attract new listeners.

Syndicating a podcast across the main directories all follow similar setup instructions. To get started, we’ve highlighted 8 platforms where you can list your podcast. The submission processes are straight forward and podcasts are usually approved within a few days.

In this list, we have ignored other sources of income such as crowdfunding, sponsorships, or paid commercials. We will focus entirely on the revenue per stream and give some tips to grow your podcast’s audience.

Where to grow your Podcasting audience?

There are 10 other platforms I’d like to recommend that are worth having a look at. Publishing your content on various software and streaming services can open more doors and expand your outreach to new peeps.



Buzzsprout is a free podcasting platform and software that lets you upload, host, and promote your podcast. From secure and reliable hosting to full iTunes support, HTML5 players, show stats, and of course, Buzzsprout has everything you need to publish and promote your podcast! You can so use it as a WordPress Plugin to integrate it once you have your own website.

Once you have a website with Bluehost and integrated Buzzsprout, you have a much better chance of boosting your audience and online traffic.



Podbean is a user-friendly podcast hosting service that allows you to upload your podcast episodes to Podbean. This means that when someone wants to listen to your content, they’ll download or stream the data from Podbean’s servers.

Podbean helps you publish your podcast to other platforms like iTunes and Google Play. This will also provide features to help you get new listeners, monetize your podcast, and build a simple website.


Stitcher features over 100K+ podcasts. It is a free streaming app available across Apple and Android devices that specializes in spoken audio content. The platform only includes radio and podcast content, making it a suitable platform for avid listeners who love to discover new things.

The submission process is pretty down-to-earth and easy. It takes only three steps to get started. Begin with creating an account, add your RSS feed URL, and finally wait for your approval. That’s it!


Podchaser is an extensive podcast database with advanced search and list functionality to follow, share, and rate your favorite podcasts and episodes. Users can find new podcasts to love by filtering by the number of episodes, most recent publish date, category, and trending shows. They allow users to discover, share, and track their favorite podcasts and episodes.

The platform recently released a personalized Feed feature. This makes new podcasts appear more based on a user’s listening habits. 


Castbox is a unique podcast directory with roughly 20 million users. It is another free streaming app that’s available across Android, Apple, voice assistant technologies, Carplay, and desktop devices allowing listeners to access podcasts from anywhere.

There are some other common ways people increase their audience. Advertising, networking, focusing on quality content and communicating with your audience is some of the more common ways. For more tips on starting your podcast, you can go on Liv365.

Let’s have a look at the more common streaming platforms to promote your content and business.



Sadly, we have to start this disappointingly since normally it would be zero. SoundCloud Premier monetization pays you for streams generated after signing your SoundCloud Premier agreement.

Once you are done you can expect a certain amount. According to help.soundcloud, an artist can expect anywhere between $0.0025 to $0.004 per stream.

Apple Podcast 

Similar to Soundcloud, it is $0.0025 to $0.004 per stream as we discussed in one of our articles. As of March 2018, the Apple Podcasts passed 50 billion all-time episode downloads and streams and still growing. In order to get in on the action, start with submitting your show to Apple Podcasts first.

When applying, double-check the information you submit like the show’s title featured categories, and list of episodes to make sure everything is correct then hit submit. After 1-2 days, Apple Podcasts will send an email with the link to the show’s listing and that’s it!

Use the approved link to direct listeners to your podcast’s Apple Podcasts listing so they can subscribe directly to the platform. And BAM! You’re ready to let your voice be heard!


Spotify feature

As in our previous article, we have described that potential earnings range from $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream. With 217 million users in 2019, Spotify is your best chance to reach an audience and make s bit of money. This is perhaps the first step of the entire Podcasting journey.

Getting your podcast listed on Spotify follows a similar process to Apple Podcasts. First, you’ll need to create an account and then add your podcast’s RSS feed.

Your account will be approved in a few business days and you can start promoting yourself or your brand.


Youtube options

Long story short, Youtube can be also a great way, especially if its a video or live podcast. The amount you can expect is slightly lower and may vary by country. But a rough estimation lands you at least with $0.00069 per view.

With Youtube, simply register and upload your work. You can start straight away. However, be aware of the minimum requirements on Youtube for monetization:

1. The Number of Subscribers must be at least 1000.
2. You must have 4000 hours watch time for that particular channel
3. Like vs Dislike ratios. Viewers must get knowledge and must have a good watching experience.

Google Play

Google Play logo

Next on the list is for Android users. In short, podcast content is accessible across both Google Play and Google Podcasts so it’s important to submit your show to each platform. With Google Play, you’ll once again need a Google account.

Submit your RSS feed, verify you own the content, then wait about five business days to be approved.

Google Play Music comes pre-installed on most Android devices, and it’s free to download if you don’t have it. This gives you access to a broad range of listeners. How much you’re supposed to earn on Google Play? This depends on how much you’re going to charge.

Launch a Website to Promote yourself

Creating a separate platform for page visitors and future fans can be a huge advantage to engage with an audience.

Try Bluehost

In fact, launching your own website can mean reaching out to millions of people every year and directing them to your podcasting channel. People can also find out more information about you, your content and reach out to you if you have a contact page.

If you’d like to start a website and win the attention of more people, I’d suggest going with Bluehost, since you’ll be able to start a website in 15 minutes and have your domain name for free.

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