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How do you get started blogging about your Pets?

Getting started is the same as starting any kind of blog. In case you are new to blogging and want to start fresh from the basic, we can go through several steps together!

In this guide, we’ll explore the essential steps to kickstart and grow your pet blog. From selecting a niche and creating captivating content to building an online presence and engaging with the pet-loving community, you’ll learn everything you need to know to bring your pet blog to life.

How do you get started blogging about pets?

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Before we dive into the exciting aspects of content creation and community building, it’s important to understand the role of web hosting. Your blog needs a reliable home on the internet, and we’ll guide you through the process of choosing a suitable web hosting provider to ensure your blog remains accessible, secure, and capable of handling the traffic it attracts.

So, if you’re ready to unleash your creativity, capture unforgettable moments, and connect with fellow pet enthusiasts worldwide, let’s embark on this pet blogging adventure together. Whether you’re dreaming of a large audience or simply seeking an outlet to express your love for your pets, this guide will equip you with the tools and knowledge to make your pet blog a success.

Join us as we discover the magic of pet blogging, where every pet has a unique story to tell, and your blog is the platform to amplify their voices and forge lasting connections. Get ready to make a paw-sitive impact in the world of pet lovers, one blog post at a time!

Before delving deeper into the technicalities, you need to purchase two things:

  1. Your domain name
  2. A web hosting plan

Like most bloggers, I’d also recommend the most common CMS (Content Management System) WordPress to start your website. Most bloggers start out and recommend using SiteGround, but I also recommend it because it is one of the cheapest and easiest hosting platforms that help you get your website started.

I’d recommend using the Choice Plus plan because it comes with multiple perks like “Domain Privacy,” which will protect your personal information (your full name, email address, phone number, and home address) from being published anywhere online.

Click on the green “Select” button on your plan of choice.

If you are hesitant you can still add the domain privacy later during the checkout process for around $1/mo.


2: Pick a catchy domain name

As you can see, in my blog, I use my personal name. Obviously, if you want to stay anonymous you can either choose the name of your pet, a pseudonym for yourself or a name related to your pets (given that it is available to you.)

If your domain name of choice isn’t available, you can either try another option that comes to mind—or select different domain registries such as .com or .net or .org. It is up to you, but my recommendation is always to go with .com if you want to run a global business.

How to install WordPress and get friendly with its Dashboard

Once you’ve created your password you will be taken to SiteGround’s dashboard where you can click on “Log in to WordPress” and be automatically taken to your WordPress Dashboard.

Once you get to this point, you can officially start the design of your website.

This is where the fun begins.

Below is your WordPress dashboard where you will be able to create

  • New pages,
  • design your website with a theme builder like Elementor and Astra
  • write and publish new content,
  • upload plugins,
  • create your webshop

Now that you have your WordPress website set up and you’re getting comfortable with its usage, it’s time to build your content and brand your website to profitability while remaining anonymous.

What Is Pet Blogging?

A pet blog focuses primarily on pet-related concerns. These blogs can cover a wide range of topics, such as how to care for and train your pet properly. They can also be a great place to learn about pet-related products.

This could include pet care, human behavior, education, and current events. It can concentrate on animal stories. Any pet, including hamsters, rabbits, dogs, and cats, can be the subject. The primary goal of a pet blog is to distribute information and recommendations about animal care.

Having a blog on pets is a popular method to express one’s passion for animals while also providing useful information to individuals curious about how to take better care of their pets. Pet bloggers can earn money by using affiliate marketing. Successful pet bloggers frequently utilize their blogs to generate income through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and various forms of advertising.

Pet bloggers who want to succeed must be abreast of the most recent developments in the pet sector and provide audience-relevant, high-quality material. 

Five Of The Best Pet Blogs

Doing some competitive research before beginning your pet blogging career makes sense. By going to these websites, you may start interacting with your readers even before your blog is online. 

You can comment or discuss your point on online platforms to get to recognize the viewers you’ll be writing for. This is a fantastic, natural approach to developing connections and driving traffic to your site in its early stages. This way, there are possibilities to find others who share your enthusiasm for blogging, and you can count on their support to increase.

In light of this, we’ve gathered five noteworthy pet-related blog examples and examined what makes them tick.

#1 Walkin’ Pets Blog

The company Handicapped Pets, which provides aid to disabled canines, felines, and other pets through its Walkin’ Pets blog, sells products for these animals.

As could be expected, the blog’s primary purpose is to provide useful information to people who have pets with special needs, such as how dog hip braces work in practice.

It frequently includes calls to action in its pet blog postings for certain items offered for sale on the Handicapped Pets website.

However, Walkin’ Pets also frequently posts community-focused content with the purpose of rehoming abandoned or crippled rescue cats and dogs.

#2 Dogfoodadvisor

Dog Food Advisor is a prime example of an authoritative website in the pet sector.

Focusing on a specific audience and producing a large quantity of high-quality material has allowed it to become a go-to resource for dog owners, resulting in over one million monthly organic visitors:

The site’s blog covers a wide range of informative topics, such as how to spot a high-quality pet food brand and what harmful poisons to look out for in dog food.

However, the site’s main meat and potatoes (no pun intended) revolve around commercial material that lists the top dog food manufacturers in various sub-categories, such as the finest raw dog meals and the best small dog foods.

#3 GoPetFriendly

America’s “fastest-growing pet-friendly travel planning platform,” according to GoPetFriendly, is used by its audience to organize hundreds of thousands of outdoor excursions each year.

As you might expect, many of its sites offer advice on traveling with pets, such as the finest places to take dogs or suggestions for pet owners’ road trips.

Much of this information is made money through affiliate marketing, just as Dog Food Advisor. For instance, it operates a store on Amazon and includes affiliate links in an article about the finest GPS dog trackers.

Through the Mediavine ad network, GoPetFriendly also offers for sale advertising space on its website.

#4 Brain Training 4 Dogs

It is perfect for those who are truly interested in a well-behaved dog. This blog asserts the simple science underlying their method of reinforcing undesirable habits. 

In simple, your dog’s learning knowledge improves when it receives proper mental stimulation suitable to it. It becomes more intelligent, leading it to be more obedient as it can understand your instructions well. They can help you train your dog. 

Depending on its breed, you have several videos to access according to your need.

When this occurs, your dog’s undesirable habits disappear and are replaced by more appealing ones. They offer affiliate programs where you need to promote their dog training classes that are available for purchase on their blog.

#5 Hepper

Hepper is a pet product firm that provides creative and high-quality cat and kitten goods such as beds, pods, and scratchers. Hepper wants to give cat lovers a store they can rely on for high-quality products without unreasonable rates usually found on the market because they stay out of the influence of the mass market.

They have an outstanding percentage of client order conversion, and the opportunity to work with the Hepper affiliate network is a bonus, along with the high-value content they provide.

Hepper works with several veterinarians, who ensure that everything produced by the business is ideal for the animal’s well-being. Their blog is highly authoritative and full of useful information for inspiration.

How To Start Making Money As A Pet Blog?

Pet blogging can generate a full-time income with the proper combination. Many pet bloggers have websites that bring in six figures each year. Naturally, this process takes time. Building a profitable pet blog that makes as much money as you desire requires much effort and commitment.

There is no cap on how much money you can generate from your pet blog with the correct methods in place. Some people fail to make money from their blogs because they need to do the necessary work. So, not only blogging but doing it right is very important!

Charge For Sponsored Posts

Sponsored blog articles are a fantastic method to monetize your website. Even if your pet specialty is small, you can typically find sponsors ready to work with your website and the platform it gives; yet, it can be difficult to locate willing sponsors.

Being proactive is the greatest method to acquire sponsors for your site. You may create a polished media kit, seek out companies you wish to partner with, and approach them about sponsoring a post. You’ll soon find that businesses compensate you for writing for your blog.

Contextual Ad Revenue 

How can you earn money from writing a blog on pet care the quickest? Consider displaying ads. An internet advertising network called a display ad network enables ad publishers to insert advertisements on websites. 

The display ad network then sends the promotion to the related sites after the advertisers have placed bids on the location of the adverts. Millions of web admins have turned to ad publishing networks like Google AdSense to monetize their sites.

Simply choose a display ad network, such as or AdSense (or any other ad publishing network), sign up, and begin making money.

You might make or lose money with these ad networks based on your website’s quality and quantity of visitors. You can earn more money with your pet blog as it gains more readers. That’s all there is to it.

OnlyFans for Pets

The subscription-based social site, i.e., OnlyFans, has lately become a good place to produce content and earn income for some influencers. You can produce funny, cute, or different kinds of pet content for OnlyFans.

Subscriptions are the simplest method to earn money here. Users must pay a regular monthly or annual price to access premium features. The creator keeps 80% of that money while the business receives 20%.

The creator has complete control over the subscription price, which might be a difficult decision to make. 

Best Affiliate Programs for Pets

Advertising and affiliate marketing are the simplest ways to monetize a pet blog as a beginning. It’s simple to sign up for an ad network, and once you’ve had advertising up and running, you don’t have to do anything else with them.

They are largely passive because they are paid every time visitors view them. You must have a good traffic volume to get a respectable income from ads. Since you are already giving pet owners great product recommendations, affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn money from a pet blog. Better yet, get paid for it!

Every time someone buys a product after hearing about it through an affiliate marketer, they are compensated. Check out these five pet affiliate programs to start with.


Patreon is ideal if you’re currently producing material regularly and would like to solicit recurrent donations from your fans in return for exclusive benefits. You’ll be able to provide your members with benefits like password-protected content, live streams that are only open to members, private forums, a live chat connected with Discord, specialized newsletters, live-streamed classes, discounts on goods, and more. Every kind of creator can use the right publishing tools.

Depending on the tier of service you select, Patreon will retain a different amount of your revenue. In addition to the standard transaction costs, Patreon takes a cut of your revenue (between 5% and 12%). Payment processing costs for pledges under $3 are 5% + 10 cents. A 2.9% fee plus 30 cents will be applied to all pledges over $3.

Adsense for Pet Bloggers

If your new pet blog’s content is interesting and provides a good user experience, it will be accepted on the first try. However, linking websites with copyrighted material should be done with caution as it needs permission. Needless to say, fresh content is always welcomed on AdSense as it brings in new information.

The single most reason and most probable reason your account might be rejected for an AdSense account are when there is no content. Before applying to Google AdSense’s monetization program, if you have a new blog, please ensure that it has fresh, high-quality content.

The Difficulties of Blogging about a Pet

Although writing well may be trained and acquired, your pet blog’s growth may initially be a little slower if it is not your natural talent. Technical difficulties are frequent in this industry. You can save time and stress by hiring a third party to handle the technical details if you have trouble with them. All duties and choices associated with launching a pet blog are up to you. 

Work-life can occasionally take over; however, this is sometimes a good thing. Launching a business is already stressful and can burden families and loved ones even more. Because there may be a less face-to-face connection when establishing a pet blog, building trust with your readers may be much more challenging. 

You’ll need to go above and beyond to get your customer’s attention and business.

It can be financially difficult to bootstrap your firm or decide not to pay yourself. To avoid finding yourself in a stressful scenario, it is crucial to modify your lifestyle and make a plan for yourself.

Patience With Your Bestie

Some dogs are excellent, but very few enjoy going potty inside the home or gnawing on the furniture for fun. They still have the heart of a decent dog. But if you’re going to have your pet model for you, pay attention to these pointers to keep things running well in the studio and capture some great shots.

Before taking your hyper dog to a studio with its exciting bright lights and smells, it would be best to take it for a long walk. This will help calm it down and make even the most hyper dog a little tired.

Before being photographed, offer them a good amount of food so they aren’t worried about where their next meal may come from; this will also put them to sleep.

Toys and treats will grab their interest and assist them in concentrating on a specific area for that quick snap. Even their hungry eyes give them a lot sweeter appearance.

Limitations On Affiliate Revenue

Affiliate marketing setup is profitable for both publishers as well as advertisers. Since the model is based on pure action, i.e., unless a sale goes through, they have no worries. Similarly, the publisher gets paid higher amounts than pay-per-click making them happy. 

There are affiliate programs with various commission levels for the pet market, so the choice is wide. Depending on your niche, you can choose one that closely resembles your goals or which pet goods connect or appeal to your audience for better success.

Pet Care Supplies is one good example of an affiliate program available for pet bloggers. This website has a wide range of pet products and is an established company. Their pet healthcare products are of high quality and provide a commission range of 10% to 13% for every successful sale. Additionally, their products offer a money-back guarantee, allowing your readers to buy confidently.

TruDog is unique since they are a smaller, family-owned pet food company rather than a large supplier of pet products. However, they continue offering a 10% fee, so the sales you help arrange will bring in a respectable sum for you. TruDog sells food, snacks, and nutritional products.

Consider what you feel would best serve as a recommendation to your readers when choosing an affiliate program. In the long run, you and your audience will be happier if you pay attention to more than just the commission amount.

The Competitiveness Of The Pet Market

There is a lot of competition in the pet blogging niche, so you must put in some serious time and effort to research the market and figure out what people want.

If you want to keep your audience and google users interested in your blog, you could find that you need to update it frequently.

With a pet blog, results and income appear later. Your work frequently takes weeks, months, or even years to become profitable. A niche market for your firm may be the secret to your success. But zeroing down on the right niche market and intended demographic might be more difficult and time intensive.

Content Ideation

You start for a purpose. You want to offer cat training advice, veterinary fear-free procedures, or tales about your top-notch agility dog. Regardless of the motivation, you began your blog to discuss that subject. But as time passes, you must be willing to change. You simply must. You’ll attract readers who adore your pet and may be interested in cat training articles but need cat grooming advice.

Additionally, pet owners often have concerns about the safety of various products, such as collagen dog chews. “Are collagen dog chews safe?” they may find this resource helpful for gaining insights into the matter.

To be a successful pet blogger, you must combine and contrast your content distribution methods. Even if you’re not very interested in creating some of the information your audience wants, you should nonetheless provide it. In any area where you now lack confidence, don’t worry; you can develop those talents. Increase your photo and video taking, and experiment with different writing styles. You will improve with consistent effort, which will also benefit your blog. Stretch yourself for the benefit of both you and your audience!

Final Remarks

The popularity of pets is growing, which implies that new studies and products are released constantly. About every occurrence that is pertinent to your niche, you can produce a variety of articles. Blog topics could include products you’re looking forward to seeing in the future, findings from pet health studies, or anything else you see suitable. By finding news on the subjects that users are most interested in.

The pet industry is a $125 billion global business. Yes, it’s competitive, but your potential is only constrained by your willingness to work hard (and intelligently). For instance, dog food has been the subject of incredibly lucrative niche websites.

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