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What Is Testosterone And Why Do You Need It?

You’ll hear people and medical experts talk about testosterone all the time. It’s one of those things almost everyone talks about and it can rear its head in countless scenarios. The bodybuilders at your local gym are always talking about T-levels but it’s also something that can come up in a medical examination. 

What exactly is testosterone and why is it important to have?

If you’ve ever wondered the answers to these questions, this article is perfect for you! 

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. Men and women will produce it, but men see a far higher production as it has critical roles to play in sexual health and general wellness. This hormone is produced in the gonads (yes, seriously) which are located in the testes in men and the ovaries in women. 

The technical hormonal classification of testosterone is an androgen. Hormones in this classification are responsible for developing typical male characteristics in humans. 

Why is Testosterone important? 

Generally speaking, testosterone isn’t all that important for women. They depend on estrogen or progesterone more than this hormone. However, testosterone is crucial for men as it has the following roles to play throughout life: 

  • Helps to produce sperm – Without testosterone, men would not be able to produce sperm. The main reason some men are infertile is down to a lack of testosterone production. 

  • Maintain muscle mass – Regular testosterone levels contribute to the formation of muscle mass in the body. Some men will take testosterone-boosting supplements to grow more muscle – which is why bodybuilders always talk about this hormone. 

  • Maintain bone density – Likewise, testosterone maintains a healthy level of bone density in men. Without it, your bones would be a lot softer and more prone to breakages. This happens as you get older when your T-levels naturally diminish. 

  • Regulate energy levels – Having balanced T-levels helps to regulate your energy levels and ensures you feel sleepy at the right time without being fatigued throughout the day. 

  • Influences sex drive – Men rely on testosterone to have a strong sex drive. A lack of testosterone is linked to issues such as erectile dysfunction. 

What happens if you lack Testosterone?

If you don’t produce enough testosterone – which can happen at any point in your life and is bound to happen when you get into your 40s – your body will undergo changes. You have a lower libido, erections might not be as strong, and you stop producing muscle and see more fat. 

Maintaining high levels of testosterone is always possible through online TRT services. These exist to supplement your body with more testosterone by encouraging it to produce more from the testes. 

In turn, you can avoid the problems mentioned above and experience the benefits of healthy testosterone levels. 


To wrap things up, testosterone is the main male sex hormone and healthy levels help with everything from sperm production to elevated energy levels. It’s one of the most important hormones in the body – if you’re worried about having low testosterone, it’s worth getting tested. Even if you’re not worried, regular tests can give you peace of mind and alert you if there are changes. From here, you can react quickly and focus on increasing or maintaining high levels of T. 

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