Top Paraphrasing Tools for PhD Researchers

Researching various topics and handling multiple tasks simultaneously can be a pretty exhausting process for PhD scholars. With plenty of things lined up and limited time to handle all of them efficiently, they don’t get much time to work on their notes from scratch. Hence, they often take the help of existing reports and published data to make their submissions and research notes meaningful. However, they can’t simply scrap data or content from somewhere else and add it to their academic write-ups. 

Additionally, there could be times when there is no need for totally original or indigenous content. The need of the hour is the ability to express existing content in different wording. Paraphrasing existing content with a few additions will do the trick. Sometimes, you also need to add quotations from other sources but in different wording to avoid excessive duplication. Paraphrasing is the way to go in such a scenario. 

However, what if you don’t have the time to do it manually, and the submission deadline is just around the corner? The answer is using an effective paraphrasing tool. It is worth mentioning that not every paraphraser you see online fits the requirements of people related to academia, especially PhD scholars. This article discusses a few top paraphrasing tools for such people to help them ensure perfect submissions without any plagiarism allegations. Read on to learn more.

Top Paraphrasing Tools for PhD Researchers

  • DupliChecker’s Paraphrasing Tool

You may have heard the name of this platform. It offers plenty of useful online tools, including ones related to content analysis and modification. 

DupliChecker’s paraphrasing tool is also one of them. Using this tool is pretty easy because of its simple and friendly interface. This rephrasing tool is equipped with a highly efficient algorithm and an extensive synonym library to help Ph.D. scholars get a perfect online paraphrase in return for the content they upload for changed wording. 

This paraphraser offers meaningful synonym suggestions and imposes no restrictions regarding word count. Users can access it through various devices and leverage its 3 spinning modes to ensure quality paraphrasing. It is available for free. However, users can go pro to unleash its optimum performance.

  • Paraphrasing Tool by

Don’t let the name of this platform confuse you. It offers tools capable of helping various types of users, including researchers and PhD scholars. Its paraphrase tool is also developed to help them. They can easily upload the content they want in new wording without any change in the meaning of it, and it will offer a quality online paraphrase they can use in their submissions without any worries. 

This online paraphrase tool lets users import content from popular cloud storage platforms and paraphrase it perfectly. Users can use it to paraphrase content in multiple languages. The best part is it is also available for free. However, you can get better output from this tool by going premium.

Doing so will also help you unlock other spinning modes. This paraphrasing tool takes the help of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm to paraphrase content perfectly without any mistakes. 

  • Quillbot

Most of us know this tool because of its efficient working. In our opinion, it is a perfect tool for PhD scholars who want quick paraphrases of any given content without compromising on its quality, meaning, and grammar. Quillbot uses cutting-edge AI technology to paraphrase a write-up and returns perfectly written content with changed wording yet similar meaning to help you achieve desired goals. 

Quillbot, in general, offers 7 spinning modes to help you paraphrase content. However, only two of them are usable for free. If you want to use all 7 paraphrasing modes and get rid of word count restrictions, then you need to go premium. While this paraphrasing tool is mostly known as an online utility, it can be used as an extension for various word processing tools for ease of PhD scholars and other users. 


If you are still looking for a quality paraphraser capable of helping you do paraphrasing tasks for PhD dissertations and research reports, this one could be another perfect solution. It comes with multiple useful features that make it a highly helpful tool. Its simple yet interactive interface tops the list. Finding this tool’s features and functionalities is not a problem because of such an interface. It highlights the changes made in the original content through coloring and underlining various words to help users easily compare both write-ups. It can also paraphrase content in several languages. 

This tool also allows you to print rephrased content or save it as PDF. You can also download rephrased content as a .txt file from it or copy the text to paste it elsewhere.  

Moreover, it ensures fluently paraphrased content without adding any rarely used words or terms to make it easy for readers to understand the intent. Unlike various other paraphrasing tools, one offered by this platform doesn’t bring duplication to the content while paraphrasing it. 

Putting it Together

Taking time out to paraphrase content can be highly difficult for PhD scholars as they have plenty of research tasks lined up. The best way to solve this issue is by taking the help of a highly effective paraphrasing tool. However, not every paraphraser can deliver ideal results. We have discussed a few efficient tools capable of effectively catering to Ph.D. scholars’ requirements. Hopefully, they will take note of this article and use these tools while cutting corners in their write-ups. We wish them luck with their research work!

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