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How You Present Your Product Is Just As Important As The Product Itself

The process of selling your product begins long before your product ever reaches the consumer. After all, you have to convince them to pick it up in the first place. You can’t expect word of mouth to do all of the selling for you, you have to think about how you can sell it yourself.

Here, we’re going to look at the various aspects that into the presentation of your product, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Know the visual brand

You want to make sure that the first thing your product does is pop out visually at your consumer. They should able to spot it easily amongst the other products in the aisle that it’s on. Part of this is about ensuring the right branding and colour choices for your products, but you also need to make sure that the on-package branding also clearly depicts what the product is used for, so that people who are looking for your specific kind of product can identify and pick up yours before they look to any of the competitors that might be in the same area.

Choose the right packaging

It’s not just the branding on the packaging that is going to help your customers better identify what they are picking up. The practicalities of the packaging matter, just as much.

For instance, for products that need a level of protection from moisture and oxygen, such as foods, garden products, and the likes, custom pouch packaging is not just more effective, but consumers expect to see certain products in this kind of packaging.

Think about the kind of packaging that is usually used for products like yours. Aside from the added benefits that they bring, you should think about the fact that consumers are used to identifying products by this packaging type.

Advertise it effectively

Already, we’ve said that the process of selling your product begins before your consumer has the product in their hands, but it can begin before they ever lay their eyes on it, too. If you have the budget to reach your consumer, be it online, on TV, radio, or otherwise, you should take the time to invest in advertising.

Working with an advertising company to market your product effectively can help build recognition and a certain expectation of results and product quality that makes the consumer a lot more likely to choose yours before the others they might not know as much.

Test it rigorously

You don’t just have to leave it up to chance and hope that you’ve completed the above steps as well as you can. You can take the time to test whether or not your product is actually going to catch the attention of the consumer.

Shopping environment and product tests, for instance, will see whether or not consumers’ eyes are drawn to your product and its current packaging when they are in a simulated shopping environment.

If you want to make sure that your product stands out to your market, then you should ensure that you invest in the design and testing phases for packaging, advertising, and placement that you need.

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