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We Can Do It! – Four Unconventional Jobs for Women

Women have long since conquered the working world and moved beyond secretarial, teaching, and nursing positions (not that those aren’t still excellent and rewarding professions!)  But there are some corners of the working world where women are still an unusual sight.  Social norms, however, are changing all the time, and there is no reason to miss out on these well-paid trades and professions just because of your gender. So check out these four career options, which are welcoming more and more women.  


woman truck driver

Many trucking companies and the trucking industry, in general, is looking to attract more women, both for long-haul over-the-road (OTR) positions and to drive shorter local or regional routes.  Every year, another wave of experienced truckers retires, and the industry is struggling to fill the jobs they are leaving behind.  These careers typically offer excellent pay, don’t require a college degree, and have great benefits.  Plus, to attract more drivers, many companies are now offering team driving (where two people together will tackle a longer drive) and driving with companion animal options. So it’s a great time to take advantage of the demand for women truck drivers.  


Plumbing is another industry struggling to replace the tradespeople (primarily men) who are retiring every year.  Many companies are now offering paid training, and because of the shortage of workers, plumbing can become quite lucrative quickly.  Women do report some pushback as they move into this traditionally male-dominated workspace. Still, they are not only entering a great career for themselves; they are making it easier and better for every woman who comes after them.  


What is true for truck driving and plumbing is also true for electricians.  All the trades are struggling to find workers now.  Electricians install and maintain the electrical wiring and other electrical components in commercial and residential properties.  This is another job that doesn’t require a college education.  You can start out with on-the-job training in an apprenticeship program.  However, you can pursue both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees if you are looking for broader training.  And, again, you have a chance to make good money and a good living.  

Private Detective/Investigator

Women have made significant advances in the fields of law enforcement, criminal justice, and military service. However, despite what books and tv series might tell you, they are still underrepresented in all these fields, as well as private investigation.  However, precisely because they are under-represented, women have some unique advantages as P.I.s.  Women are generally seen as less threatening and suspicious, making it easier for them to get people to talk to them and go undercover for surveillance purposes.  To work as a private detective, you will need to be licensed in your state.  Licencing requirements vary from state to state, and you will likely need at least a BA or a BS.  Any relevant additional training will be helpful and probably allow you to charge higher rates.  

Don’t Limit Yourself

These are hardly the only great career options out there in traditionally male-dominated fields.  And remember, if you face challenges as a woman, you will forging a path for all women who come after you. So keep your mind open to unconventional job opportunities, and don’t forget to consider working in a different country, just to add even more adventure to your options.  

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