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How To Make Money On OnlyFans As A Guy in 2024?

How can a guy make money through Onlyfans? We are here to share exclusive tips and tricks on creating content, different types of content as a guy, and different things you can upload on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans helped several content creators by providing them with a stable and good source of income. Now the question that hits most of the male population’s mind is, can they make money on OnlyFan as a male? The question is valid because most content creators are women, earning a lump sum of money simply by creating content on this platform.

top Onlyfans earners

This article is for those gentlemen who wish to make some extra cash on the side.

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¿Is It Profitable to Start on OnlyFans As a Man?

Ready to dive into OnlyFans as a guy? It’s not as tough as it may seem. Let’s be real, making money on OnlyFans can be a bit trickier for us guys compared to the ladies. So, how do we know if it’s still worth getting into this business? Let’s take a look at the financial stats of OnlyFans, and we’ll see if this is still a profitable venture.

The financial data from OnlyFans (in millions) indicates that year after year, the platform continues to grow, resulting in content creators generating more income annually.





This suggests that there is significant growth potential for individuals embarking on the path of content creation on the platform, particularly in terms of income generation.


Speaking of users, we can see that the positive year-over-year growth is also on point. So, if we’re thinking of diving into content creation, it’s good to know that the platform’s audience is getting bigger with each passing year.

Every day, 500,000 new users sign up on the OnlyFans platform.



Who Pays Money For Your Content?

The data from the graph is encouraging for male creators on OnlyFans, as it reveals that approximately 61.35% of users fall within the 18 to 34 age range.

This demographic, characterized by its youthfulness and willingness to consume content on platforms like OnlyFans, presents a significant opportunity for male and female creators to attract an active and potentially receptive audience.

Curious fact: 97% of the bodies featured on this social media platform are women, compared to the 3% of men.


OnlyFans Demographics

According to research findings, the demographic profile of the average OnlyFans user, primarily referring to subscribers, reveals several key characteristics. The majority, approximately 68.9%, are identified as belonging to the white racial demographic. Moreover, a substantial 89.5% of users are reported to be married. It’s noteworthy that 63.1% of the user base falls within the white demographic once again, and approximately 59% identify as heterosexual.

In terms of economic status, the average annual income of these users is estimated to be around $42,000, and their average age is 29 years. Moving to a geographical perspective, the user distribution by country indicates that 43.15% are based in the United States, followed by approximately 6% in the United Kingdom, 4.99% in Canada, 3.36% in Australia, and 2.76% in Germany.

First Impressions

Considering the mentioned data, to plan your strategy, you should note that 61% of your audience falls between 18 and 34 years old, and 80% of that audience is male. Therefore, you need to tailor your content to suit this demographic, understanding their preferences, motivations, and interests to attract their attention. The majority of the audience is from the United States, so using English works in your favor. It’s also crucial to consider that 40% of users are homosexual, in contrast to the remaining 60% who are heterosexual. This aspect is important when strategically creating your content.

Types of content to create on OnlyFans if you are a Man

You will probably make 60 cents for each woman’s dollar on this platform if you are a guy. Likely what you have to do is, you need to level up your game and treat the channel as your business.

Physicality and sexuality have been a dominant part of this platform. Guys have to focus not only on their appearance but also should be well equipped with some additional information for their targeted audience.

Here are some noticeable points that are worth being remembered and promoted on your platform:

  • Cooking 
  • Travel
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Comedy
  • Arts and visual design
  • Workout
  • Music
  • DIY
  • Modeling
  • Yoga
  • Cosplaying

The final takeaway is the perfect blend of the mentioned points and creating a particular theme, which is visually captivating and holds the capability to engage the viewers. Quite similar to that of Instagram, where physical appearance, beauty, and information are what grab followers.

Best strategies for male content creators on OnlyFans

Exclusive Content

Offer private live chat sessions where you interact directly with subscribers, sharing intimate stories, experiences, and answering their questions. Ensure that this type of content is only available to your OnlyFans subscribers.

Active Interaction

Host weekly live streams where you connect with your followers, answer spicy questions, and share personal anecdotes. Active interaction during these sessions creates an intimate and personal atmosphere.

Regular Scheduling

Establish a weekly schedule for releasing specific content, such as sensual photos on Tuesdays, explicit videos on Fridays, and live streams on Sundays. Consistency helps your subscribers anticipate your content.


Collaborate with other adult content creators on joint content. It could be explicit videos, photo sessions, or even interactive stories. This will attract followers from both creators. This is the best way to grow your earnings.

Deals and Discounts

Announce a special offer for new subscribers for a limited period, such as a 50% discount on the first week of subscription. This strategy can boost new subscriptions.

Community Building

Create a private group for your subscribers on a messaging platform. Encourage your followers to share their experiences, interact with each other, and participate in more intimate conversations with you.

Personalized Updates

Share daily updates about your everyday life, from personal moments to your routines before recording. This builds a closer bond with your followers.

Specific Themes

If you have a particular passion, such as fitness, create adult content that incorporates that theme. You could perform sensual workout routines or share tips on maintaining a healthy sex life.

Customized Services

Offer personalized private chat sessions where subscribers can ask specific questions, request exclusive content, or receive personalized greetings. This adds a personal and exclusive touch.

Special Promotions

Organize a special live event to celebrate key dates (birthdays, OnlyFans anniversary, etc.). Offer discounts, exclusive gifts, or access to premium content during the event.

Follower Feedback

Survey your followers about their fantasies and preferences. Use this feedback to create content that aligns with their desires, making them feel actively involved in your creative process.

Strategic Use of Social Media

Share teasers of your adult content on your public social media profiles, accompanied by direct links to your OnlyFans. Use popular hashtags and create anticipation on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

What Must Guys Do Differently?

OnlyFans for guys

According to multiple models and adult actors, OnlyFan is an online platform from which they make a sober amount of money. But unfortunately, this is not the case for many males. This article’s sole purpose is to figure out ways for you to make money.

1. Social Media Activities

As the majority of NSFW content created has become banned, especially on Meta. You must share your content on other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Discord, and Blogspot. Through this, you have the upper hand to share your content on more channels. And certainly not restrict and depend on LinkTree in your bio.

2. Collaborate With A Girl

If all the other strategies fail, you can always use collab with an attractive lady and start on fresh new content. This method allows you to focus on your theme and curbs the drawbacks that incur guys.

3. Invest Some Money In a Better Kit

We discussed this topic earlier when we spoke about two camera sets. 

Your first preference should be either iPhone 13 Pro Max or an iPhone 10 for those with tight budgets.

If you are interested in more serious photography, get a wide-angle lens that can easily capture close to 50mm. We would recommend you invest in a camera such as Nikon Z50 or something like a Canon AOS Rebel. You can easily use an f/1.8 Canon 50mm lens for more than $100.

4. Integrate Tiktok Into Your Onlyfans Activities

tiktok screenshot

As already stated by CNBC News. Influencers and content creators usually favor TikTok, as described in the following quote: “ TikTok is a jump start to everything else.” And not, to everyone’s surprise, this is true. All thanks to TikTok’s algorithm and fast-paced opportunities for growth for the newbies.

TikTok is one of the most recommended applications and the 6th social media channel in the world. Even though YouTube might host million of videos, still, it’s not the right platform for early content creators who try hard to push themselves up.

TikTok platforms are there to create brand awareness and redirect to your OnyFansp page directly.

5. Build A Website

As a male, you might consider OnlyFans as a business and build yourself a website where you can brand yourself.

Having a website of yours means that browsers can search for you and find value in your work.

How To Monetize Your Onlyfans channel As A guy?

OnlyFans for guys

OnlyFans is nothing but a paid platform where fans invest and pay to unlock the content that exists behind the paywall.

It is one of the best ways to make money, usually for those who have a huge fan base; they enjoy the advantage of showcasing their brand to millions of subscribers and promoting their content. But for average males, earning from paid promotions is almost next to impossible.

The hard truth is:

Why would someone invest their money to see an average ordinary guy?

Hence the only way left is to resort to OnlyFans, but it is necessary to use monetization methods other than the OnlyFans subscription model and make various income streams.

How To Use Multiple Income Streams Onlyfans As A Guy?

As already discussed, direct monetization for males is a bit tough as most of the male audience is straight in OnlyFans. It is s a bit difficult for them to invest in men. 

This is the only reason you must make the money-making approach in OnlyFans much more diversified and smart to increase your income.


1. Reply Directly To Messages

If you have the confidence that your persona and looks are extremely attractive to help you grow the number of subscribers, you might get an A+ for your confidence level.

In this case, the direct and easy way to make money is by leaving a good impression through a direct message. It hardly matters if you have a small or a large fanbase, you can easily earn through direct messages. 

Many male content creators have claimed to make a huge amount from direct tips and messages. The audience loves it when they directly communicate with the performer. Thus don’t hesitate to initiate the conversation and keep your audience hooked.

2. Do Live Streaming

Live Streaming is extremely beneficial for guys who are into fitness, coaching, music, and dancing.

If you own a free OnlyFans account, this platform will allow you to make payments through gated streams, provided that you pay the entry fee to join the live stream.

3. Enter Affiliate Marketing Promos

If you have come across the term: Affiliate marketing, you must already know that it is the easiest way of making huge money online if you don’t have products or services of your own.

OnlyFans has an affiliate program that helps you earn a 5% affiliate commission on all income earned by the creator who comes in via their unique referral number.

#4. Promote Your Products

If you already have a product or service, you can easily promote that to your audience.

One of the most frequent things that promoters do is drop ship. Dropshipping helps you to make a fortune just by setting out the price to your fans and taking a large cut.

Final Remarks

Many content creators treat their accounts as a side hustle or their second source of income. A few lucky guys earn nearly five-ton six figures per month, only by treating their account as a full-time business. We have a quick guide to help you decide if OnlyFans is worth it for you.

You are good to go if you are well-equipped with the marketing strategies and the best monetization methods. Despite being average, you can earn a good income, afford a decent living, and make a nice and steady income through valuable and catchy content.

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