How to promote your channel on OnlyFans

How to promote your OnlyFans anonymously in 2024

OnlyFans, for a long time, has been the favorite platform for creators all over the world. One can find all types of creators on OnlyFans, but it is mostly popular for NSFW content creators who earn good money through OnlyFans. But recently, OnlyFans announced that it’s banning NSFW content on their platform(which they later retracted), which led to many creators looking for OnlyFans alternatives.

OnlyFans has mostly been known as an NSFW platform that can make non-NSFW creators uncomfortable sharing their work with friends and family. But this shouldn’t discourage creators from starting their OnlyFans page, as you can easily promote your content anonymously without anyone knowing your real identity. 

Effective strategies employed by OnlyFans creators to promote their profiles

Twitter Dominance

Twitter emerges as a powerhouse, generating a substantial 75% of social media traffic to OnlyFans in the US, as per February 2024 data from SimilarWeb. Notably, Twitter’s lenient guidelines regarding nudity and explicit content make it a prime platform for creators to engage with their audience.

TikTok Tactics

Despite TikTok’s strict content policies, some OnlyFans stars leverage its algorithm to connect with potential subscribers. The platform’s unique algorithm enables creators to build a fan base organically, as stated by OnlyFans creator Charlotte Lavish. Navigating TikTok’s guidelines requires finesse, but it proves to be an effective promotional tool when used strategically.

Reddit Realms

While Reddit’s myriad subreddits may seem intimidating, many OnlyFans creators assert that it’s a goldmine for subscriber acquisition. Some, like adult-content creator Farrah, strategically engage with 8 to 10 subreddits daily, reaping substantial benefits. Learning to navigate each subreddit’s rules is crucial for success on this platform.

Discreet Promotion with SFW Content

Crafting content tailored to each social media platform’s guidelines allows creators to reach wider audiences while subtly promoting their OnlyFans pages. For instance, MelRose Michaels, earning $30,000 monthly on OnlyFans, shares safe-for-work content like ASMR videos on YouTube or Twitch livestreams to discreetly direct traffic to her OnlyFans.

Cross-Promotion Collaborations

OnlyFans creators, such as Charlotte Lavish, leverage TikTok for collaborative efforts. Partnerships, dance challenges, or lip-syncing with fellow creators become innovative ways to cross-promote. Some creators even invest in “shoutouts,” paying others with larger followings for increased visibility.

Tailoring Content to Personal Interests

Integrating mainstream interests like fitness or cooking into adult content proves to be a creative strategy. For example, influencer Chloe Sasha diversifies her TikTok content, discussing sports, cooking, and teaching Spanish, then adapting some of these videos for her OnlyFans audience.

Innovative Real-World Strategies

Steph Mi’s unconventional promotion at a baseball game, flying an airplane banner with her OnlyFans link, landed her an OFTV show. This out-of-the-box approach showcases that real-world creativity can effectively supplement online efforts.

How to Promote OnlyFans on Social Media Platforms

Reddit: Leveraging Reddit’s vast audience is crucial for OnlyFans promotion. Start by creating a new Reddit account with a teasing display image and a compelling bio. Identify relevant subreddits aligned with your niche, ensuring compliance with each community’s rules. Effectively promote your content through engaging teasers, respecting the platform’s social nature.

Twitter: Twitter’s adult content-friendly environment makes it a preferred choice for OnlyFans promotion. Begin by labeling your Twitter profile as sensitive and ensuring an appealing visual presence. Utilize relevant hashtags, such as #onlyfansmodel and #linkinbio, to enhance discoverability. Paid shoutouts from popular content pages can significantly boost your visibility on Twitter.

Instagram: Given Instagram’s strict policies, using a Link Tree or AllMyLinks in your bio is advised to direct followers to your OnlyFans profile. Comprehending Instagram’s algorithm and engaging followers through captivating posts is crucial. Email marketing emerges as a safe strategy, allowing you to send exclusive content directly to your Instagram followers after collecting their email addresses.

OnlyFans Management Companies for Effective Promotion

  1. A premier OnlyFans management agency offering services like 100% account management, social media marketing, and tailored content strategies.
  2. RARE X Network: While not directly promoting OnlyFans, RARE X Network connects creators with legitimate management agencies, ensuring protection from scams.
  3. NEO Agency: A Europe-based agency with a global team of experts, NEO Agency specializes in elevating OnlyFans careers through effective marketing and management.
  4. Louna’s Models: Known for viral marketing, Louna’s Models provides comprehensive services, including regular audits, active management, and creative content ideas.
  5. Preach Agency: Committed to the top 0.01%, Preach Agency offers full-service account management, content creation tools, and multi-platform promotion.
  6. XCreatorMgmt: A US-based agency with a dedicated team for managing and marketing OnlyFans accounts, ensuring success through innovative strategies.

Collaboration and Paid Promotion

Collaborating with fellow OnlyFans creators proves advantageous for mutual exposure and subscriber growth. Paid promotion, facilitated through various search engines or social media shoutout pages, provides an avenue for content promotion and increased visibility.

Best Hashtags for Promotion

Twitter: #onlyfansmodel, #onlyfans, #modeling, #linkinbio, #beautiful, #brunette, #redhead.

Instagram: Given Instagram’s policies, avoid hashtags including “OnlyFans” or “OnlyFansMarketing.” Instead, use hashtags relevant to your niche to enhance discoverability.

As OnlyFans is a great place to earn money through your content, wouldn’t it make sense to promote your OnlyFans profile and make money and still maintain anonymity? In this article, I’ll tell you ways to promote your OnlyFans page and make money from your content while being anonymous.

how to make money on OnlyFans?

Create an alias

If you want to stay anonymous on the internet, then it’s obvious that you should not use your real name, address, and other personal information anywhere on the internet. Rather, create an alias for yourself that will be your identity on OnlyFans. Remember to be creative when you’re creating your alias; make it fun and appealing to the audience.

Create new social media accounts

Make use of various social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram, to promote your OnlyFans content and profile. Create a new social media account based on your alias on OnlyFans without using your real name or any other personal information.

Create a new email account to sign up on various social media platforms and keep the contact syncing off. Use geo-blocking on your account to block any particular region where there are chances of many people knowing you.

Create 2 OnlyFans account

Use 2 OnlyFans accounts for better promotion of your content on the platform. Create a free OnlyFans account with your alias name and use that to post exclusive content snippets. This free account should be used as bait to lure the audience to your paid profile.

Post your premium content on your paid OnlyFans profile. Here is where you’ll make money from your content. Remember to post content regularly on your profile, as irregularity can mean losing out on the audience. Interact with your fans and maintain a healthy relationship with them to enhance your chances of getting more fans and making more money through your content.

Promote on social media channels


If you’re not promoting your OnlyFans profile on social media, then you’re losing out on a big chunk of the audience. Social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the hub for social interactions. You have to leverage these platforms to the maximum to gain new fans on your OnlyFans profile.

Share snippets of your OnlyFans content and share your profile link to lure the audience to your OnlyFans page. If you’re an NSFW creator, then be aware of the guidelines of these social media platforms for NSFW content. As a creator, you can also build your own platform using scripts from to promote your content and lead people to your OnyFans profile.

Influencer Marketing

Today is the world of influencers. Nowadays, the audience believes more in the influencers than they believe in the words of their friends and family. These influencers have a huge following on social media platforms that make for a great audience to promote your OnlyFans account.

You can leverage the services of these influencers to give your profile a shout-out and promote your page to their followers in exchange for some money. Many big brands and companies, too, are leveraging the services of influencers. This gives you access to a wide range of audiences. Remember to not show or reveal any personal information about yourself in the content you share with the influencers for promotion.

Utilize service providers

social media addiction

There are many service providers who can help in promoting your OnlyFans profile. They can get you more followers, more comments on your content on social media, and share more content of yours all around the internet.

You should leverage their services to give a boost to your OnlyFans promotions. Such service providers have access to a wide range of audiences and help you stay anonymous and promote your OnlyFans profile to the audience.

Final Words

OnlyFans is a haven for content creators of all professions. Although more associated with NSFW content creators, OnlyFans still makes a great choice to sell your content. Being anonymous isn’t hard on OnlyFans, all you need to do is caution and restraint with what you post and where you post it. Being anonymous and earning money might take a little more time than usual but with the right promotions, the results will come sooner than later.

If you’d like to know more, we have a complete guide on How to Make Money on Onlyfans.

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