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10 Easy Ways To Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral in 2024

How to make a Reel go Viral? Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world. This social network has 2 billion monthly active users according to a recent study and year after year its audience is growing. Since its audience is growing, it is important to take advantage of it.

Instagram reels are becoming more and more popular and are a new way to upload content and reach people. More and more people use it and it is important to know how it works and what type of content is the one that gives more visits.

Therefore, if you are interested in posting Instagram reels and gaining popularity with it, you are in the right place. Here we will explain in detail how the algorithm works so you can use it in your favor. We will give you the 10 tips that work to viralize your reels. There are always doubts like; Is it better to upload 15 or 60 seconds reels? Which content works best? Here we will answer all your questions.

Here you will find 10 easy ways that will make your Instagram reels go viral:

  1. Focus on a Specific Niche
  2. Use Trending Music and Hashtags
  3. Use the First Seconds of the Reel to Engage the Audience
  4. Visual Appearance and Size
  5. Add Text Overlays and Captions
  6. Collaborate with Other Creators and Brands
  7. Include a Call To Action 
  8. Post your Reel at Time of Peak Views
  9. Learn from your Competitors
  10. Do Not Include TikTok Watermarks


1. Focus on a Specific Niche

Instead of covering very general topics, choose a specific niche that you are passionate about and know well. This will allow you to create compelling content for a defined audience. By specializing, you develop an engaged community that looks forward to your reels.

If you try to create reels on general topics it will be very difficult for an audience to identify with you and the competition will be greater. The smaller the niche you target, the smaller the audience may be, but you will have less competition and once you have conquered that niche, the easier it will be to start in another one.

These are the most popular Instagram niches with the least competition:


  1. Arts and crafts: Lettering, painting, crochet, amigurumi, home decor.
  2. Health and wellness: Fitness, nutrition, yoga, meditation or mindfulness.
  3. Travel and adventure: Landscapes, tips, low-cost travel or rural tourism.
  4. Pets: Funny moments with your pet, animal care tips, touching stories.
  5. Humor and memes: Create original memes, funny sketches, funny videos and parodies.
  6. Photography: Share photos, composition tips, editing techniques and tutorials.
  7. Technology and gaming: Product reviews, game reviews, technology tips and tutorials.
  8. Fashion and beauty: Fashion looks, makeup tutorials, beauty tips and product reviews.
  9. Cooking and recipes: sharing recipes, culinary tips, traditional recipes and international cuisine.
  10. Parenting and education: Parenting experiences, children’s activities, educational tips and toys.


2. Use Trending Music and Hashtags

If you want to know how to make your reel viral, take advantage of current trends on Instagram by using popular music and relevant hashtags. Catchy music will attract people who are looking for that sound, and the right hashtags will ensure that your reel reaches the right audience that is looking for that content.

To check which are the songs of the moment you can go to Spotify or even in the same Instagram, see which are being used more. It is possible that these songs are accompanied by a challenge of the moment so you have to be aware of what trends are being worn now, see what people do in the other reels. Create Reels of those challenges to become very viral, especially if it is a challenge that has just started you may get many visits. To improve reach and learn how to make your reel viral, participate in trends and challenges.

So it is very important to be informed. Also include as many hashtags as possible. Remember that many people search for videos using hashtags. So you should always include between 4-5 relevant hashtags that describe the content of your reel.

3. Use the First Seconds of the Reel to Engage the Audience

You only have a few seconds to hook viewers. Start your Reel with something impactful, whether it’s a catchy title, an interesting question or a surprising action. Spark curiosity and make them want to see more. Reels that have more impacts are those that last between 10 and 20 seconds, so try to make your Reels last between these times, and above all, in the first 3 seconds is where you should hook people.

Even yourself leave a Reel if you do not see anything interesting in the first seconds. Think that the more people see your Reel, the more it will go viral. It is useless to have many visits in a Reel if everyone leaves in less than 2 seconds and never finish watching it. This is something that the Instagram algorithm takes into account when making content viral.

4. Visual Appearance and SizeReel optimal size

Shoot your Reels vertically and make sure the video and sound quality is good. People move quickly, so make sure your Reel stands out visually. Use eye-catching graphics, good lighting and edit for a polished look.

For Reels to shine on mobile devices, filming vertically is key. This utilizes the entire screen space (aspect ratio of 9:16) and allows viewers to enjoy your content in the highest resolution possible (1080 x 1920 pixels).

The logic behind viral videos is simple: the better a video is produced – with high resolution, sharp editing, and clear sound – the more accessible and engaging it becomes for a wider audience. This accessibility, in turn, increases the chances of your video going viral.

5. Add Text Overlays and Captions

Want to learn how to make your reel viral? Don’t leave viewers guessing! Add text overlays to highlight key points, tell a story, or inject humor. Plus, captions ensure your Reel is accessible to everyone, even without sound. This double dose of engagement will keep viewers glued to your content.

One of the biggest Reel post mistakes is neglecting captions for spoken dialogue. This undervalued feature significantly boosts virality. Captions allow viewers to effortlessly follow the narrator, even if they miss something due to sound. Additionally, you can highlight key phrases through text, ensuring viewers grasp their importance. Including captions is essential for maximizing reach and engagement on your Reels. If you want to go viral, don’t forget the CAPTIONS!

6. Collaborate with Other Creators and Brands

Partnering with other Instagram users in your niche or related brands can expose you to a whole new audience. Create collaborative Reels or promote each other’s work to generate mutual interest. Don’t just jump on the first collaboration opportunity. Choose partners who create high-quality, engaging Reels that resonate with your values and brand identity.

Promote each other’s Reels on your profiles and stories. Encourage your audience to follow both of you. Utilize Instagram’s “Collab” feature to ensure both accounts are credited in the Reel.

7. Include a Call To Action

instagram call to action

Tell your audience what you want them to do after they see your Reel. Ask them to share it, follow you, visit your website or try something. A clear CTA (Call To Action) increases engagement and helps you achieve your goals. Place the CTA in a prominent place in the Reel, such as at the end or in an overlay text. Use phrases like “now” or “today” to motivate users to act immediately.

Reels with CTAs are 22% more likely to generate comments than those without CTAs.
Reels with CTAs are 18% more likely to be shared than those without.

Examples of CTAs for Reels:

  • “Did you like this Reel, share it with your friends!”
  • “Follow us for more beauty tips.”
  • “Visit our website to get 10% off your first purchase.”
  • “Download our free app to access exclusive content.”


8. Post your Reel at Time of Peak Views

If you want to make your reel go viral, you must research when your audience is most active on Instagram and post your Reels at that time. There are analytics tools that can help you determine the best times to post.

Consider Your Niche:

  • Fitness: Mornings and evenings can be good options, when people are more likely to be working out.
  • Humor: Nights can be a good time to post humorous content, when people are looking to relax and have a laugh.

In general, the best times to post Reels tend to be between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM, and between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM, Monday through Thursday. Avoid posting during the early morning hours or during work hours. Weekends may have lower activity, but can also be a good opportunity to stand out.


9. Learn from your Competitors

Do you want your reels to go viral? Before diving into Reel creation, take some time to research your niche. Analyze what formats, themes, and styles resonate best with your audience. See what other successful creators are doing! This research provides valuable inspiration for crafting your own unique and optimized content.

Do you want your reels to go viral? Before starting in any niche, check how many competitors there are, who they are, what their content is like, how often they upload new reels, analyze their metrics, what strategy they carry out. If you do this correctly you will have done 70% of the work.

Think that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Simply, if you see that something already works for someone else, you can adopt that same strategy. If it works for them, then sooner or later it will work for you too and you will have your so desired visits. This way you will have guaranteed success!

10. Do Not Include TikTok Watermarks

When Instagram launched Reels, the competition with TikTok for user-generated video content became undeniable. Instagram aimed to provide a compelling alternative within its own platform, offering creators and viewers a familiar and integrated experience.

However, a subtle but significant hurdle existed: the detection of TikTok’s watermarks by Instagram’s algorithm. These watermarks, meant to credit the original platform, could potentially hinder a Reel’s reach within Instagram. To ensure maximum visibility and success for your short-form video content, removing any TikTok watermarks is a crucial step.

This revised text adds context about the competition between Instagram and TikTok, explains the reason behind watermark removal, and emphasizes the importance of maximizing reach for your Reels.

Final Thoughts On How To Make a Reel Viral

We’ve explored powerful techniques for viral Reels and gained insights into the Instagram algorithm. But are these elements enough? Absolutely not! The secret weapon for lasting success lies in consistency.

Yes, you might’ve heard it before, and it might sound simple (almost boring!), but consistent effort is the ultimate game-changer. Set a realistic goal, like posting a Reel every day. Stick to it, and by year’s end, you’ll witness remarkable growth and, very likely, achieve your goals.

Explore more related articles packed with valuable tips to fuel your Instagram success! Good luck on your journey!

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