7 Easy Ways To Make Money On Instagram Without Selling Anything in 2024

Have you always wanted to make money with Instagram, but don’t have any products to sell? You are not the only one, there are many people who do not have a product to offer and can generate more than $50k a month. Earning money through social networks is a challenge that many people long to achieve. There are different ways to do it, and although it is not easy, it is possible.

You may also wonder, are these forms of monetization within my reach without having a large number of followers? The answer is yes. If you are consistent and follow our instructions, you may be able to generate income, although always remember that if it were easy, everyone would do it.

We will start by presenting you which methods are the best and we will explain, for each method, what strategy you could adopt to start generating your first income.

These are the 7 best ways to monetize your Instagram without having to sell any products:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Collaborations With Brands
  3. Monetization Of Your Content
  4. Become An Influencer
  5. Offer Services As a Consultant Or Freelancer
  6. Create a Podcast
  7. Sell Your Own Photographs

Do you want to see what each one consists of? We give you an idea of what each one consists of so you can start making money with these methods.


1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions for every sale made through your unique affiliate link. You can find affiliate programs with high commissions and products relevant to your niche on platforms like Amazon Associates or ShareASale. To be successful with affiliate marketing, it is important to choose products that you really like and that you believe are valuable to your audience.

Michelle Phan: The queen of affiliate marketing It started with homemade makeup tutorials on YouTube. Today, Michelle Phan, with more than 8 million followers on Instagram, earns millions promoting products she likes in her videos. She carefully chooses brands, creates engaging content, and earns commissions for every sale through her link. In 2014, Forbes named her the third most powerful influencer in the world.

2. Collaborations With Brands

Collaborations with brands are a great way to make money on Instagram without having to sell products. You can collaborate with brands relevant to your niche to create sponsored content, posts or stories. To be successful with brand collaborations, it’s important to create high-quality content that is engaging for your audience and aligned with the brand. It’s also important to be transparent with your followers about the fact that you are working with a brand.

Chiara Ferragni: A fashion empire born on Instagram With 27 million followers, Chiara Ferragni is one of the most famous influencers in the world. Her publications, with a personal and aesthetic touch, have attracted the attention of brands such as Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, with which she has created sponsored content. What is her secret? She combined her passion for fashion with an impeccable marketing strategy. Her wedding to rapper Fedez was a media event that generated millions of euros in income.

3. Content Monetization

Instagram offers several monetization features that allow you to earn money from your content. These features include in-stream ads on IGTV, badged Lives, and Reels subscriptions. To maximize your revenue with content monetization, it’s important to create engaging, long-form content that generates more views and watch time. It’s also important to meet Instagram’s eligibility requirements for each monetization feature.

MrBeast: The king of outrageous ads with over 245 million subscribers on YouTube, MrBeast is famous for his wacky videos. Giving away islands, 1 million dollars or even luxury cars are just some of his crazy things. His magic formula? Original content that attracts millions of viewers and generates huge advertising revenue. In 2023, MrBeast was the highest-earning YouTuber, pocketing over $100 million.

4. Become An Influencer

Influencers can make money on Instagram in a variety of ways, such as through collaborations with brands, affiliate marketing, and creating sponsored content. To become an influencer, it is important to focus on a specific niche and create high-quality content that attracts a specific audience. It’s also important to be authentic and consistent in your content, and build relationships with your followers.

Gary Vaynerchuk: The social media guru who monetized his passion With more than 10 million followers on Instagram, Gary Vaynerchuk is an example of how to turn passion into a profitable business. He shares tips, strategies and experiences about the digital world, inspiring thousands of people and monetizing his content. His secret? Be authentic, offer value and build a strong community. Gary Vaynerchuk sold his wine company for $40 million to dedicate himself full-time to social media.

5. Offer Services as a Consultant or Freelancer

If you have experience in a specific area, you can offer your services as a consultant or freelancer through Instagram. You can offer services such as social media marketing consulting, content writing, or graphic design. To be successful as a consultant or freelancer, it is important to have a solid portfolio of work and be able to demonstrate your experience. It is also important to be professional and trustworthy in your relationships with clients.

Marie Forleo: The business coach who succeeds without selling products Marie Forleo, with more than 800 thousand followers on Instagram, is a business coach who offers her services through her website. Her experience and advice have made her a reference in the world of entrepreneurship, allowing her to make money without selling physical products. Her strategy? Create valuable content, offer training programs and build a supportive community. Marie Forleo has been named one of the “World’s Most Influential Women” by Fast Company magazine.

6. Create a Podcast or Live Show

Podcasts and live shows are a great way to connect with your audience and generate income. You can generate income through donations from followers, subscriptions or sponsorships. To be successful with a podcast or live show, it’s important to choose a topic that you are passionate about and that will be of interest to your audience. It’s also important to be consistent with your posting schedule and offer high-quality content.

Joe Rogan: The most profitable podcast in the world With more than 14 million followers on Instagram, Joe Rogan is a comedian and host who has managed to turn his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience”, into a multimillion-dollar business. His interviews with famous people and his opinions generate millions of downloads and large advertising revenues. Its main ingredient? Authenticity, freedom of expression and controversy. Spotify paid $100 million for exclusivity on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

7. Sell Your Own Photography or Videos

If you are a talented photographer or videographer, you can sell your content to other companies or individuals for their use. You can sell your photos and videos on platforms like Shutterstock or iStockphoto, or directly through your own website. To be successful in selling your photography or videos, it is important to create a solid portfolio of work and be able to demonstrate your talent. It is also important to be competitive on price and offer high-quality customer service.

Jimmy Chin: A photographer who captures adventure and sells it to the world With more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Jimmy Chin is a photographer and filmmaker who has made money selling his photos and videos to National Geographic, The North Face and other companies. His passion for adventure and his talent have allowed him to turn his job into a profitable business. His secret? Capture the beauty and excitement of adventure in stunning images. Jimmy Chin has climbed Everest without supplemental oxygen and has won two Oscars for his film work.

Final Thoughts

The success stories of Michelle Phan, Chiara Ferragni, MrBeast, Gary Vaynerchuk, Marie Forleo, Joe Rogan and Jimmy Chin prove that it is possible to turn your passion into a profitable business on Instagram without having to sell products. There is no magic formula for success, but with hard work, dedication, and a pinch of luck, you can turn your passion into a profitable business on Instagram.

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