How To Make Money On Instagram as a Photographer in 2024

In today’s digital world, Instagram isn’t just a photo-sharing app—it’s a bustling marketplace for photographers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an aspiring talent, the platform offers endless opportunities to showcase your work and earn a living.

With over a billion active users, Instagram has evolved into a dynamic platform where visual content thrives. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of making money on Instagram as a photographer in 2024. So, if you’re ready to turn your passion into profit, let’s dive in and discover how to navigate the world of Instagram photography!

How Much Money Can an Instagram Photographer Make

There’s no fixed amount an Instagram photographer can make, but their earnings depend on several factors:

  • Follower count and engagement: Generally, the higher the follower count and engagement (likes, comments, shares), the more their reach and influence.

Here’s a rough idea of potential earnings:

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, various ranges of earnings exist depending on the size of your account:

    • Micro-influencers (10k-50k followers): $50-$500 per post
    • Mid-tier influencers (50k-500k followers): $500-$5,000 per post
    • Macro-influencers (500k+ followers): $5,000+ per post

Prices vary depending on size, medium, and photographer’s reputation. A large print by a renowned photographer can cost thousands, while smaller prints might be priced at $50-$100.

Not all photographers with a large following rely solely on Instagram for income. Many established photographers use it as a portfolio and marketing tool to attract clients for traditional photography services like weddings, portraits, or events.

How to Make Money as a Photographer on Instagram

Instagram has become a powerful platform for photographers to showcase their work, build an audience, and generate income. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the most effective strategies to transform your passion for photography into a thriving business on Instagram in 2024.

1. Selling Photos


You can follow the steps of the travel photographers that sell high-quality prints of their photos on their websites. Start by creating your own website or utilizing existing platforms like Etsy, Shopify, or dedicated print-on-demand services. This provides a professional platform for showcasing your work and facilitating sales. The price of a print can range from $50 for a small size to $1000 or more for a large framed print.

Stock Photography:

Some other artists sell their travel and nature photos on Shutterstock. Explore various stock photography platforms beyond Shutterstock, such as Adobe Stock, Getty Images, iStock, and Alamy. Each platform offers different features, pricing structures, and audience demographics. On Shutterstock, the price of a photo can vary from $0.25 for a small image to $250 or more for a high-resolution image.


Mr. Doodle is an artist that has successfully sold several NFTs of his drawings for millions of dollars. Mr. Doodle’s most expensive NFT sold for $5.4 million on the OpenSea platform.

2. Offering Photography Services

Photo Sessions:

Wedding Photographers offer wedding and event photo sessions in their city. The price of a wedding photo session can range from $1000 to $5000 or more, depending on the package and the photographer’s experience.

Event Photography:

Sports Photographers offer their services to capture sporting events for companies and organizations. The price of sports event photography can range from $500 per hour to $5000 per day, depending on the event and the amount of coverage required.

Photo Editing:

Freelance Photo Editors offer their photos editing services to other photographers and individual clients. The price of photo editing can range from $10 per photo to $100 or more per hour, depending on the type of editing and the complexity of the work.

3. Brand Collaborations

Brand Ambassador:

Natalia Taylor collaborates with fashion brands as an ambassador and promotes their products in her posts. Brand ambassador rates can range from $500 per post to $10,000 or more for an annual contract, depending on the audience size and the influencer’s reach.

Landscape Photographers create sponsored content for tourism brands, such as posts showcasing their favorite destinations. The price of sponsored content can range from $500 per post to $5000 or more for a full campaign, depending on the type of content and the target audience.

Photography Services for Brands:

Food Photographers offers their services to photograph products and dishes for restaurants and food companies. The price of photography for brands can range from $500 per session to $5000 or more for a complete project, depending on the type of content and the client’s needs.

4. Product Creation and Sales

Lightroom Presets:

Some Fashion Photographers sell Lightroom presets that their followers can use to edit their own photos. The price of a Lightroom preset pack can range from $10 to $50 or more, depending on the quality and number of presets included.

Photo Books:

You can always publish a photo book with your best images of travels around the world. The price of a photo book can range from $20 to $50 or more, depending on the size, print quality, and number of pages.

5. Audience Monetization

Instagram Badges:

Consider using Instagram badges to receive tips from followers during live streams. Instagram badges can be priced at $0.99, $1.99, or $4.99, and followers can purchase them to unlock benefits such as featured messages or access to exclusive content.


Most of photographers on Instagram have a Patreon account where followers can financially support them in exchange for exclusive content, such as unseen photos or editing tutorials. Patreon plans can range from $1 per month to $50 or more per month, depending on the type of content and benefits offered.

Exclusive Memberships:

Some artists offers exclusive memberships to followers that provide access to discounts on products, online workshops, and private content. The price of exclusive memberships can range from $5 per month to $50 or more per month, depending on the type of benefits offered.


Additional Methods for Making Money

Sell Photoshop Presets

Similar to Lightroom presets, you can sell Photoshop presets to allow followers to edit their photos with greater precision.

Offer Mentoring Services

As a skilled photographer, you can share your knowledge and experience with aspiring photographers through personalized mentoring.

  • One-on-one coaching: Providing guidance on specific photography techniques, editing workflows, and business development strategies.
  • Online courses or workshops: Creating educational content that covers various photography topics and selling access to it through your website or online platforms. Develop in-depth video tutorials, downloadable resources, and comprehensive learning materials that students can access at their own convenience. Sell your online courses through a subscription model or a one-time purchase fee. The price of an online photography course can range from $50 to $200 or more, depending on the duration, content, and the instructor’s level of experience.


Set Up Instagram Shopping to Make Money Directly From Instagram

Setting up Instagram Shopping is a powerful strategy for photographers aiming to make direct sales and monetize their work effectively on the platform. Here are key reasons why this topic is important:

Instagram Shopping allows you to tag your products directly in your posts and stories, enabling a seamless purchasing experience for your followers. This eliminates the need for them to navigate away from the app to make a purchase, reducing friction in the buying process and potentially increasing conversion rates.

By utilizing Instagram Shopping, your products become more discoverable to your followers and potential customers. When you tag products in your posts, they appear in your followers’ feeds with a shopping bag icon, signaling that they can be purchased directly. This increased visibility can lead to more sales opportunities and engagement with your audience.


Link Your Instagram Account to a Sales Website

Linking your Instagram account to a sales website is a critical step for photographers seeking to monetize their presence on the platform.

A sales website provides a dedicated space to showcase your portfolio and products. Making it easier for interested followers to explore and make purchases. This translates to more sales opportunities compared to relying solely on Instagram for transactions.

Your sales website serves as an extension of your brand, allowing you to customize the design and layout to reflect your unique style and identity as a photographer. This professional presentation can instill confidence in potential buyers and contribute to higher conversion rates.


Final Thoughts

You can unlock new streams of income by leveraging your visual content and engaging with your audience. You can transform your Instagram account into a lucrative avenue for selling prints, digital products, and collaborating with brands. While there are various avenues to explore, from selling NFTs to winning photography contests, it’s essential to recognize the risks and uncertainties associated with each.

Instagram offers unparalleled opportunities for photographers to generate passive income and expand their creative horizons. Remember to seize the potential it holds and turn your passion for photography into a profitable endeavor.

Do you want to discover what are the most famous and efficient ways to generate income on Instagram? You can consult the following articles where we cover all this information in detail to satisfy your curiosity.

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