How to Get a Client as a Small Business Provider 

How to Get a Client as a Small Business Provider 

Are you struggling with finding your dream clients even though you have a website, or advertise regularly?

You might even do both, what’s more, you also have a social media business presence in some form.

Yet, in the current highly competitive era, no matter the amount of content you update your website with, how often you may advertise, or how high quality these are, you still cannot get the number of ideal clients you would like to have. 

Are you happy enough with the business results that your website and advertising generate? Are you predictably getting enough quality clients? Chances are, most of us aren’t.

This means, our websites and adverts aren’t sufficient enough to provide us with the desired results.

How to get your first client for your small business?

Typically, small business providers use any, or all the marketing tools of websites, adverts, and social media posts as their client acquisition tools. What is the issue then? 

If we don’t have enough high-quality clients, we don’t usually say we have a problem with our client acquisition strategy, we think that our adverts aren’t efficient or regular enough, we should pay more money on advertising, or our website content should be better. Not to mention the importance of choosing the right CMS for your new webpage.

Many of us would like to hire a marketing professional if we could afford them… If you don’t yet have a complete client acquisition process, you are probably only getting a few clients from your adverts every year.

Getting False Thinking Right

startup thinking

Many small business providers have a website, advertise regularly, and post on their various social media business accounts, not achieving their desired results.

This shows that we think wrongly, as most of us aren’t marketing experts. We are mistaking the role of our adverts. We don’t think of them as the tool which enhances our reachability. It is very important to create systems that work and see through them. Advertising can only help us become more visible. 

And our websites are only meant to support us technically to publish our content. Most entrepreneurs have no idea what content they should use to best serve their businesses. We tend to think that websites are a necessity and that they will bring in clientele.

Website developers often complain that their clients don’t have the full picture of what they want to achieve through their websites. No one truly cares about your detailed introduction.

That’s not the reason why you don’t get enough clients.

Do you think they are interested in you in-depth, or rather how you can help them?

If you want to create a very effective website, you need to have highly strategic, well-planned content.

A ready website alone won’t get you any business unless you know who your audience is, and why exactly you offer your services. It is very hard to create an excellent website to amaze your target audience, and to buy your services.

Understanding Advertising Correctly 

eCommerce business on ipad

Let’s assume you paid or are regularly paying for adverts. But you don’t know who your ideal clientele or niche is, so you don’t address them directly, and you don’t know what to say to them.

So even though paying large sums for your ongoing ads, do you think you can get good results?

Do your paid adverts truly work?

On the other extreme, you may think that the problem lies in not spending enough on your adverts because you think you cannot afford them.

In case your adverts work and bring in clients, you should be able to afford and keep advertising. But if you cannot afford to advertise you won’t have enough clients. So the problem doesn’t usually lie in the quality of your adverts.

If they don’t bring enough clients, you could spend more on advertising, your problem of not getting enough clients will remain. You need to realize, spending more on adverts does not magically solve your problem of having more clients. 

Your adverts either get you clients or they don’t. Chances are, they don’t get you enough. You shouldn’t mistake client acquisition with having a website, adverts, or a social media business platform, and their combination.

Entrepreneurs who advertise wrongly assume that advertising only will solve the problem of getting their message across, and targeting the right customers. If you don’t understand the logic in this, you could look for the problem forever…

How to Market your Small Businesses 

marketing on paper

Don’t mistake your way of advertising what you see from big adverts on TV. Your level and target audience are very different, hence a repeated short slogan way of advertising won’t work for you! While the big brands can get their feeling message across easily for their targeted huge audience, you must think differently! Contrarily, as a small business, you want instant results. If you don’t get instant results, your business dies. 

It is not a good idea to finance adverts and wait for something to happen one day… You will end up finishing your money, this is the reason why you are advertising. So this should make you see that you shouldn’t advertise by chance, but know why and to whom you are advertising.

So you also need to carefully plan your advert. Making your services accessible isn’t serving anything else. And if you don’t do this well, you could easily embarrass yourself. 

Learning your profession well is only the beginning. If you don’t know how to market yourself and get enough bookings from the right clients, you are no more than just an employee. You can use your knowledge to go to work for an employer and you can become successful in your profession if they provide you with the means.

Your profession is only 50% of your business, if you want a successful business, you need to do client acquisition in the remaining 50%.

How to Get Enough Clients to Sustain your Business?

bored at work

If you want to get enough clients the good news is that you don’t have to learn a whole new profession, only an appropriate client acquisition process that works.

When you have this in place, you can truly start getting clients, and become an entrepreneur, not only an employee with a good profession. You are becoming a great entrepreneur when you realize how to build your venture successfully. When you know exactly what to put in your advert and website. 

And, you have a strategy in which you can integrate your advert and website, or you don’t integrate them into your strategy because you learn from it how to get results without adverts and a website. You can multiply your income with a good strategy as opposed to waiting for, and keep updating your adverts and website to yield results.

Everything boils down to strategy. If you don’t have a strategy, your business won’t be successful, no matter your website, adverts, etc. 

Strategy is the foundation of everything. You only need a few simple things to operate your business venture with maximized profit and the amount of freedom you want.

But you need to implement these few things in a high-quality, precise manner. When you understand what a client acquisition process looks like, the roles of your website and adverts will fall into place as well. 

The Effective Process to Get Clients

team discussion

First, you need attention. As long as nobody pays attention to your products or services, nothing happens. Attention is not equal to accessibility, don’t mistake the two! True attention is when a potential client is truly interested in what you offer.

When you have their attention, you need to convince them. You can make an impact on your desired customers by communicating with them. You can impact your client to step closer if they are truly interested in your offer.

When your clients realize you can bring a solution to their problems and are interested in working with you, you have their attention. Then, you need to come up with a super offer, one that surely solves their problem.

To be able to surely sell this offer to them, you need a proper sales technique. If you know how to present this offer to your client, and how to sell them, you can close your offering and the process successfully. The key is in your implementation. 

When you have the right offer you don’t offer them a box of junk to pick the right junk of service for themselves. You know your strategy is right when you offer your client something they cannot reject. And when you have this, you need to offer an adequate sales strategy to overcome their objections.

You need to motivate and have an impact on them to decide on the purchase. If you counter-check your website and adverts with this process, you’ll see what’s missing. 

The Crucial Steps for Getting Clients

team meeting

Chances are, you haven’t included any of these steps because you were not aware of this process. If you were, you wouldn’t be occupied with your website and adverts. You can only get the right clients for you if you go to the places where your target audience is present. If you are only waiting for your website to work magic, you are making a mistake. People won’t be looking at it the way you think. You need to go to your clients, and they are not on your website. 

Of course, sometimes some clients can appear on your website and make a purchase, but you want to have a predictable clientele and business.

Where are your clients?

Probably most of them are on Facebook, or if your clients could be on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. Depending on your country of residence, your clients could be on their preferred site, but Facebook still appears to be the most popular, with extra functions other sites don’t have. 

You don’t have to present on all the platforms, but on the one, you can reach your clients. Entrepreneurs think Facebook business sites are good for posting or advertising.

The problem with this is you can have 1,000 likes or followers on Facebook, your posts will only reach a fraction of people. This is not accidental, the Facebook Business platform is profit-oriented as well. Facebook wants you to pay to reach your customers. 

What Online Tools do you need as a Small Business?


You may think you can only be where your clients are if you continually pay. Conversely, there are organic tools for free on Facebook that work. One of these is your private Facebook account, which is easily accessible, and the various groups.

But you are focusing on taking your potential clients to your Facebook Business page, where they aren’t. If you want them to see it more, you have to pay. All in all, you are focusing on how to spend on reaching your customers.

You have to go to where your audience is, probably Facebook. You need to use organic tools and talk about something that truly gets their attention. Then, you have to learn to talk about the things that interest them.

You won’t automatically know what to talk about just because of your social media presence. You don’t have to pay to be well-accessible, but you can be both accessible and interesting when you talk about the right things by knowing your audience. 

Who is your target audience, who are you talking to?

If you don’t know someone you cannot tailor something for them. If you don’t know your audience how could you assume that your posts/content will interest them? You don’t want to be the millionth entrepreneur advertising their boring services the same way. You need to realize that you are trying to win clients in an oversaturated market. 


You lose potential clients when you cannot communicate how you can make a difference. And when you cannot be interesting and gain their attention, you shouldn’t assume that just keeping posting something will make them want to take your services. You shouldn’t be talking about yourself but the problems of your clients. It requires thinking and using the right questions. 

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