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The Best Ways To Introduce Customers To Your New Business

For new business owners, one of the most important tasks is to spread the word and let customers know about your brand. If you’re launching a startup, or you’re in the early days and you’re on a mission to attract clients, here are some tips to introduce your business to customers. 

Social media

Social media offers an array of benefits to business owners across all industries. It’s understandable to focus on selling and advertising opportunities when planning a social media marketing campaign. While social channels and apps can be incredibly effective in terms of drumming up interest and generating sales, it’s also vital to harness the power of social media to establish relationships with customers.

Social networks are not just marketplaces or advertising platforms. They provide amazing opportunities to build a following, interact with customers and allow them to get to know your brand. 

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When you conduct market research, use the findings of online polls, surveys, questionnaires and focus groups to ascertain which platforms are most popular among your target audience. Set up profiles and start drawing up a strategy. Use social media posts to tell your followers about the products and services you offer, advertise promotions and offers and tell your story. Let your followers know how your business came to be and share your brand values. 

If you’re starting from scratch, it’s an excellent idea to organize a competition or giveaway to encourage people to share your posts, follow your accounts and get friends and family involved. You could offer an incredible prize or a chance to win one of a number of products from your range, for example. 

Product launch

If you have a new product that is ready to set the world alight, it’s a great idea to create a buzz around your brand and introduce prospective buyers to your business by planning a product launch. Think carefully about your guest list and create an engaging, compelling presentation. Let your audience see and try the product, encourage them to ask questions and use a slick, professional video to explain how the product works, how it came to be and how it enhances the customer’s life.

It’s incredibly beneficial to think about hiring a corporate video production agency like to produce a video that will help you to sell and create a positive first impression. It’s also a good idea to offer freebies, samples and branded giveaways.

You can also stream your launch online to reach a wider audience and encourage people to follow your social media accounts. Take the time to talk to guests and ask them to provide contact details so that you can follow up leads. 

Trade shows, fairs and local events

Trade shows, fairs and local events provide opportunities to engage with customers who are likely to have an interest in the products you are selling. If you choose the right events, you should have a captive audience ready and waiting to hear all about your business and the products you have available. If you have a stall at a fair or a stand at an exhibition, make it your mission to attract attention.

Ensure that your stall is visually appealing, display your products so that everyone can see them clearly and try to encourage visitors to take a look. Offering samples and giving out promotional items, such as pens or keyrings can help you build a line. If people spot a crowd, they will be more likely to take an interest and want to see what’s going on for themselves. 

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Alternatively, consider engaging with your audience with games, giveaways, and prize draws. A great way to do so on a budget is to invest in a Spin Wheel for Trade Shows or virtual prize draw apps. In any case, make sure that the prizes available are in-line with your branding and provide prospective customers with freebies with your logo.

Before you attend an event, make sure you have a clear pricing strategy, ensure you have facts and figures to hand and get to know the product. You want to be able to demonstrate it seamlessly. Show your passion, be enthusiastic and engage with customers. 

Your business website and SEO

Most people who are looking for a product or service now search online. If you have a new business, it’s crucial to design a fantastic website and promote your content via SEO (search engine optimization). If you’re not experienced in web design, or you have limited knowledge of how SEO works, you may wish to hire a digital marketing agency.

Your website should be accessible, visually appealing, easy to use and interesting. Make sure every page looks smart, ensure that content is mobile-friendly and add images and video clips to break up text and showcase your products in all their glory. Include a clear call to action, provide contact details and live chat support, add an FAQ section and streamline the ordering and payment process.

Ideally, customers should be able to add a product to their cart and complete their purchase within seconds. For useful tips for designing a business website, check out this article

Trials and freebies

Many people want to try before they buy. If you’re launching a new product or a subscription service, running free trials and offering freebies is an excellent way to introduce customers to your brand. Take the example of a monthly beauty box. If you offer a free month’s trial, you can show the client what they get and try to persuade them that they don’t want to give up their subscription and miss out on the next box.

Provide detailed information about the service you’re offering and the products included in the first box, and build anticipation for the next delivery by teasing the products in the second box. If the customer loved the first parcel, and they’re excited about the next one, they should sign up.

discounted sale

You can increase the chances of converting leads by offering a special, time-limited price or a discount for long-term membership. It’s also a fantastic idea to incentivize referrals and recommendations. You could offer the customer 10% off their annual subscription if they sign up and refer a friend, for example. 

If you’re launching a new business, it’s essential to spread the word and let people know who you are and what you’re offering. Introduce customers to your brand, tell your story and promote your products and services in the best possible light. Use social media to build relationships and encourage followers to share your posts, make sure you have a slick, attractive, accessible website, and promote content through SEO.

 Organize a product launch, use video content to engage with audiences, and look for shows and events that are relevant to your products and target audience. Provide samples and freebies and consider offering a free trial. 

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