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How Music Can Be A Lucrative Hobby For You

There’s no denying that music is one thing that links together all of humanity. Music is a universal language that everyone enjoys, and many people love making music by playing one or more musical instruments.

You’re probably reading this today because you’d like to boost your monthly income and you believe that your love of music can help you achieve that goal in some way. The thing is, you’re unsure what to do!

Believe it or not, there are several ways to make money from your love of music. Take a look at the following examples for some inspiration:


One of the best ways of earning money through your love of music is to do some gigging. What that means is singing or playing instruments at various types of gigs, from live performances in bars or concert halls to corporate and social events.

You’ll come across a broad range of gigging opportunities, and it’s unlikely you’ll have many “quiet periods” in your gigging sideline. Before you start gigging, think about where and how you’d like to gig to concentrate your efforts.


Another idea for turning your love of music into a secondary (or even primary) income stream is by offering tuition. What you teach will depend on your area of expertise.

For example, let’s say you have intimate knowledge of making guitars and setting them up. You could offer guitar setup and maintenance lessons to people in a classroom-based environment or online via Skype or Zoom.

You could even help aspiring singer-songwriters by offering voice coaching lessons – again, in person or over the Internet.


Spotify feature

Did you know there are many talented singers in the world, but the one thing they cannot easily do is write their own songs? Songwriting is something that many people have done on behalf of others for hundreds of years.

Many of today’s recent hits have been written by songwriters, yet an artist’s fans assume they wrote all the words to their songs themselves! If you’ve got a natural flair for songwriting, you can offer it as a premium service to aspiring singers worldwide.

Social Media

It seems like everyone these days spends significant portions of their time on social media browsing Facebook or watching videos on YouTube and TikTok.

If you have a growing following on social media, you can use that to your advantage by monetizing your creative work. For example, your popular videos could display ads and enable you to build up a passive income.

You may even find that your top fans want to book you for private events because they love your work!

Music Editing

Lastly, if you’re a computer whizz and enjoy making music in your spare time, you could offer your services as a music editor.

You could help upcoming artists be at the top of their game by ensuring their songs sound fantastic and offer perfect audio clarity to listeners. You might even help artists improve their older work by remastering their early songs and tracks.

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