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Essential Checks To Do Before Buying A Property

No matter if you are looking into buying a beach house or an apartment in the city, it is always important to do the necessary checks before you even think about putting your money down. 

If you are in the market to purchase a property and want to make sure that your money is being spent wisely, then follow this guide to learn about the necessary checks to do and ask for before buying a place.

Previous owner drug testing

You might know the previous owner of your dream home a little bit. But, you won’t know what they got up to in the place before you buy it. They would likely not want to admit it, especially if it involves illegal substances. 

For instance, it is essential to get the property tested for previous drug use before you put your money down. A drug like meth can leave toxic chemicals behind, which can affect your health. 

A house meth test can indicate whether or not your desired property has any residue, which can be toxic for your health. Ensuring to get the necessary tests done before you purchase and move into a property will ensure that you are less vulnerable to damaging your health as a result of what the previous owners did in the property. 

Meth can damage the nervous system and if left undetected, you may not realize the hindrance the toxic chemicals are doing to your health. Hence, knowing to test the property for this ahead of your purchase will make sure that you do not leave any issue undetected. 

Structural checks

Another important check to perform before buying a house is a structural test. This is typically performed by a conveyor, whereby they will check the safety and stability of the home’s exterior structure. An undetected issue with the roof or an external wall could put your health at risk. 

It is an essential thing to check off your list before you hand your money over as if you have to deal with the issues, later on, then it could you way more than you bargained for. 


If you view the property at similar times each day then you might not realize what the property feels like on the opposite end of the spectrum. For instance, you might always view the property in the morning, which might be when the lighting is best. Should you go back in the evening and notice that the property feels completely different and not up to your standard, then you will be able to make a wiser decision. 

Lighting might not be as important as drug and structure testing. But, it can make or break your property purchase decision. It would be horrible to think that your home is light and airy all day. Then, after you move in you notice that it is only that way for an hour or so every day. Hence, always view the property more than once and change the time of viewing if possible. 

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