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4 steps to take right after buying a new real estate property

Buying a real estate property may have taken much time, but getting to the closing date outweighs the time and effort spent. However, the closing deal isn’t the end. In fact, there are more steps you have to take to ensure that you’ll have the home of your dreams. Even before moving in, here are some of the steps you should do:

Deep Clean the Property

Even if it’s a new real estate property, you still need to clean it thoroughly. By doing this, you can ensure that all the nooks and crannies of your house are free from dust, dirt, and termites. Hiring a cleaning company to receive professional deep cleaning services is also a good option. Regardless of your choice, here are the parts of the house you may have to clean before moving in:

  • Dryer and other appliances if the previous house owners have used them. You may be surprised how much dryer lint can be trapped inside when left uncleaned. 
  • If there are used carpets on the property, you may need to conduct a thorough carpet cleaning. Or better yet, buy a new carpet if you don’t have one. 
  • Check your chimney, dryer vents, and other sources of ventilation. Doing this will help you determine if they require deep cleaning or not.
  • Also, clean the bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms on the property. You can also remove unnecessary stuff in every room, especially if they’re outdated or overused. 

After deep cleaning, hire a rubbish removal service if you have too much trash to dispose of. You can search for one that’s near you or check this website page to book a removal service to pick up your rubbish. Doing this will ease you of the burden of throwing waste properly.

Buy a Home Warranty

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Whether you’ve received a home warranty from the seller or not, it’s best to have one. If the seller offered one, then you should go over it. Check the specifics and its terms to know what claims to file in case of major appliances or systems maintenance or repair. Understanding the home warranty’s specifics will also give you an idea of whether to change or upgrade it.

Sometimes, a home warranty may not suit or cover your needs. So, when choosing a home warranty, it’s best to have one that covers the systems or appliances that are costly to replace or are more likely to break down.  You may have to shop around for the best home warranty provider. 

By doing such, you can compare their costs and their coverage. Generally, a home warranty would cost around USD$350-USD$600. The price will depend on the length of the contract, the plan selected, and the size of your property.

Make The Property Secure

After having a home warranty, you should then secure your property. Do so by changing security codes, garage codes, and all the doors and windows locks. This step is vital so you can keep previous owners from accessing your home. Doing this step will also ensure that you and your family are secure when you move into the property. 

It’s also best to give your housemates or trusted relatives spare keys. That way, if you’ve lost your keys or get locked out, you can have someone to get your keys from. 

While you can hide spare keys in your garden or yard, it’s still safer to avoid doing this. That’s because some burglars are aware of such tactics of homeowners. Instead of doing such, you may want digital or smart locks. These locks don’t require you to have keys, it only requires you to memorize your passcode.

Plan a Maintenance Schedule

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Lastly, you should create a maintenance or cleaning schedule for your property to protect it from damage or ruins. This step is essential because your home needs regular pest inspections, winterizing, gutter cleaning, and other maintenance. 

To avoid skipping any maintenance needs, do these steps:

  • Create a list of the items in your home that require maintenance.
  • Label them for monthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance.
  • Include the dates they should be checked so that you can create a reminder on your calendar.

Adding such a maintenance schedule to your calendar will make it easier for you to remember and incorporate them into your daily routine.


Moving into your new real estate property can be an exciting event in your life. However, you shouldn’t miss the steps above to ensure you live in a clean, secure, and safe home. If you do the steps above before moving into the property, you can quickly move and place your stuff since your home is already a livable place.  

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