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10 Areas you should be Outsourcing in your Business

The ability to outsource helps you to do more and delegate important tasks and processes to professionals without having to hire more full-time staff.

Small businesses are currently outsourcing some or all of their activities, with nearly a third of them doing so entirely. Many others intend to investigate this option in the future.

A corporation outsources the acquisition of a product or service from an outside provider rather than controlling the product or service internally. Using outsourced services, small firms can accomplish more and delegate important tasks and procedures to qualified specialists without having to hire more full-time staff. It enables you to keep costs down, increase production, and devote your time and energy to the aspects of your business that you find enjoyable.

This strategy can be quite beneficial in a wide range of commercial situations and situations. Here are some of the most important sites where you should think about it.


accounting calculation

Accounting is a popular area where small firms prefer to outsource services. If you’re not a financial specialist, learning all of your company’s operations and compliance requirements can take a long time. A qualified accountant, on the other hand, may often manage this sector for multiple companies. This saves time and money.


An outside marketing firm can help you build your business quickly. They can handle ad design, content generation, and social media posting, leaving you to focus on your company’s internal activities. These firms are also usually staffed with experts who can help you develop new ideas and tactics that you would not otherwise have access to.


Similarly, your organisation may lack the personnel or knowledge to make sales calls, set up sales funnels and processes, and so on. By hiring sales firms or specialists, you can assign those duties to highly qualified persons who will increase your company’s revenue.

IT Admin

IT is one of the world’s largest outsourcing industries. In reality, the global market for outsourced IT services hit $85.6 billion this year, up 6% from the previous. You can outsource or work with a business that provides on-demand assistance for any technical challenges or efforts. Managed IT Services (MSP) are a great way to control everything IT-related in your business. 

Administrative Duties

Virtual assistants are growing increasingly popular, especially among solopreneurs and distant workers. Virtual assistants can manage email, schedule meetings, and post to social media. Because virtual assistants may be hired for as low as $10 an hour, this is one of the cheapest ways to outsource. You should expect to pay between $30 and $75 per hour for qualified VAs or specialists.

Customer Support

open office space

Businesses that primarily deal with clients online or by phone can outsource their customer care to a call centre or chat service provider. To do so, you must first establish protocols and provide clear instructions to the company that will directly interact with your clients.


A dedicated manufacturing facility can be prohibitively expensive for a small business. As a result, many goods sellers outsource this process. This does not necessitate outsourcing. The US manufactures roughly 18% of the world’s goods. Find domestic outsourcing partners to keep your activities close at hand.

Freight & Logistics

Your production site or a separate drop shipping provider can also handle shipping and handling directly to your customers. A popular solution for eCommerce businesses that wish to focus on their online and marketing efforts.


You may need to learn more about your customers or your industry in general. Before introducing a new product or entering a new market, you must thoroughly research the market. Some people prefer to outsource their market research rather than spend days or weeks surveying their target group or becoming lost in a sea of web data. They should also have more resources to bring in good insights.

HR Responsibilities

It involves activities like hiring, training, onboarding, and managing your workforce. The most typical method of outsourcing in this industry is working with a recruiting service to find competent applicants. There are choices for outsourcing administrative tasks like training, benefits administration, payroll, and time and attendance.

Outsourcing also enables businesses to respond quickly to market demands and customer desires by launching new projects. Customers regularly request services that the core business may not be able to provide – outsourcing can assist in meeting these demands while also generating additional revenue streams for the organisation.

What services can a small business contract out? Do you outsource anything else in addition to this? Please post them in the comments section.

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