Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Replace Live Dealers?

In recent years, several technological innovations have emerged that, according to scientists, are capable of revolutionizing the entire society. Among them is battery technology: the latest generation of batteries charge much faster and store even more energy, so that today’s electric cars are close to their gasoline-powered counterparts. Another such technology is artificial intelligence (AI), which has made huge strides in recent years. As a result, AI is penetrating ever deeper into various aspects of our lives, often without us realizing it.


For example, some AI tools in customer service have been so effectively trained by users that it is almost impossible to distinguish them from human representatives in a chat room. AI has also come to the gaming and entertainment industry, including online casinos. You might even come across it playing bitcoin games on BetFury casino. However, the most intriguing question remains: Will AI ever replace humans, and if so, who will it affect? Let’s speculate about live casino dealers.


What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

The term artificial intelligence is now commonplace and has even been explored in several films. As far back as 2008, in the movie I, Robot, Will Smith encountered robots and artificial intelligence. Fortunately, we are still far from such doomsday scenarios, as well as from machines taking over our nuclear arsenals, as depicted in the Terminator series of films.


But what does the term AI actually mean? Artificial intelligence refers to algorithms that learn from human interactions and evolve accordingly. Science distinguishes between strong and weak AI. Weak AI is designed to assist humans in their tasks, such as various software solutions for translators. Strong AI, however, aims to replace humans. This future may soon be a reality in some industries, such as customer service.


Where Artificial Intelligence is Already Used in Online Casinos

Some online casinos have already begun using artificial intelligence. However, the areas of casinos affected by this are not entirely new. Instead, they are more or less the same areas where AI is already being used by other providers, such as online shops, insurers, banks, etc.


Improving User Experience

If you are registered with a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or regularly order from certain online shops, you are probably familiar with “recommendations.” These suggestions are based on your previous search queries and viewed content. An algorithm analyzes your search queries and previously watched series and movies to create a list of suggestions. Social media platforms like Facebook operate in a similar way.


Preventing Gambling Addiction

The same technology is used to analyze users’ gaming behavior for anomalies. Users exhibiting patterns similar to those of acute problem gamblers are reported to a casino employee, who then contacts the player. In both cases, we encounter weak AI, which supports a human.


Enhancing Customer Service

Customer service is perhaps one of the areas most affected by the influence of AI. Casinos also rely on proven technology here, as chatbots have been successfully used by companies worldwide for a long time. Virtually every major company has a live chat with chatbots, and sometimes they have already learned so much from humans that they can handle inquiries entirely on their own.


What Speaks Against Replacing Human Dealers with AI Robots

There are mainly two reasons why using AI-controlled robots at live dealer tables is not ideal. Many players are at the table primarily to enjoy the social aspect of gaming. It’s the human interaction, the chat with the dealer and other players, that brings them to the live casino. Replacing the dealer with an AI-controlled robot would completely eliminate this aspect. Furthermore, there is a certain distrust that many players have towards robots. A human dealer simply inspires more confidence that the game is fair.


Arguments in Favor

From the perspective of casino operators, however, AI-controlled robots offer some incredibly attractive advantages. Robots do not need breaks, do not get sick, and can be used 24/7. Additionally, they work autonomously at the gaming tables. They do not need to be trained, can be programmed in multiple languages, and can even switch between different games.

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