The Best Way to Track Website Statistics

Every digital marketer knows that keeping an eye on your analytics is crucial to inspect the behavior of your website’s visitors. If one cannot monitor how users interact with a website, it is hard to make estimations on where to make improvements.

In the field of web analytics, Google Analytics is the first one that comes to mind. It’s free, it has an enormous user-base and it’s commonly known as the first choice for every website. But it lacks simplicity and a lot of people raise their eyebrows when we mention data privacy. If you want to isolate your data from prying eyes and some simplicity with your data, you can look for other data tracking solutions.

Google Analytics Alternative

Trackboxx is a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. It’s a suitable choice for sectors that handle sensitive customer data and seeking an analytics tool aligned with data protection laws that are 100% GDPR complaint.

Trackboxx processes and visualizes visitor statistics without cookies and without storing and processing personal data.

How to does Data Tracking Work?

The first impression I got when I used Trackboxx is the simplicity of the software. It has a clean and streamlined interface that makes understanding data easy as soon as you take a look at your dashboard.

Even the activation process for a free trial needed a few minutes until I confirmed my email, activated my website, and inserted a tracking code into my WordPress header.Despite some similarities that are available with Google Analytics, everything is easy to read and simplified to a point where I can see from one page all the relevant information that I need. With Trackboxx, data tracking happens through a visitor’s IP address and some other parameters (not personal data.) This generates a “hash” to “track” the visitor while on the site. This so-called hash is stored for a maximum of 24 hours and then automatically deleted. Therefore a subsequent recognition is impossible.

This hash has is renewed daily, making data decryption inaccessible.

GDPR Compliant Tracking

Have you noticed these days that nearly every website you go to has Opt-Ins or pops up with a confirmation to say ‘accept” or “approve” cookies? It can get annoying after a while and sometimes people just lose focus after the 10th cookie emerges on their screen while browsing.

In general, the aim of a cookie is to help a web server through a script when someone visits a website and keeps track of their visits and activities. This isn’t always necessarily a bad thing. Without cookies, your shopping cart would reset to zero every time you clicked a new link on the site.  That would make it impossible to buy anything online! So some cookies are necessary. But there are some that are non-essential.

Google Analytics and other Visitor-Trackers use third party cookies to store and process personal data for integrating data for advertisers. Google is essentially like a data mining giant that acquires browser habits and utilities every part of its user habits to optimize the provision of its own services.

So coming back to those annoying Opt-Ins, your website visitors will be spared from them, because Trackboxx in this case does not use any third-party cookies. Your page website visitors go through your pages or offers without delays.


Trackboxx provides a competitive advantage amongst a flock of other websites that use third-party cookies to annoy page visitors with distracting Opt-Ins. If you prioritize data protection, a simple data tracking tool, and want to avoid unnecessary cookies on your website without your consent you might want to give it a shot.

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