Reasons why forklift training and certification is important

Thanks to the growth of warehousing and logistics operations throughout the world during the pandemic, warehouse-related jobs have also become highly in-demand in most countries. One such job is a forklift operator. When you are a trained and certified forklift operator, you can command higher pay and various perks and benefits. 

Furthermore, it is a kind of job that has demand around the country as forklift operators are required in various industries throughout the year. There are many career opportunities for a trained and certified operator worldwide. 

After becoming a certified operator, one can work in construction, manufacturing, logistics, or air or sea ports. 

It is a highly skilled job that involves some dangerous elements, and therefore, it is crucial to get proper training before you start operating a forklift or any warehouse equipment. Moreover, the OHSA standards have made it compulsory for employers to only hire operators who have the proper forklift training and certification. 

Here are some reasons why. 

Safety Maintenance


Safety is the primary reason why forklift certification and training are important. Safety measures undertaken by an organization and employees impact its overall performance, and it reduces the chances of mishaps and accidents, improving the products’ overall efficiency. 

Implementing safety measures is necessary regardless of the size of the company. Forklift operators must be wearing a seatbelt, operate the vehicle within the speed limit, and be aware of their surroundings while operating the forklift. 

A proper forklift training program will help you understand all of the safety benefits of the program, and the implications of not following them. These programs are designed to make sure you operate in a manner that is safe for both yourself and your colleagues. 

Cost savings

Forklift accidents can lead to severe damages, and it costs the company time and money to fix the damages. Even the forklift truck may require some repairs after being involved in an accident, reducing the organization’s overall efficiency. 

The best way to avoid such accidents (and the ensuing costs) is to ensure all employees are trained and certified to use the forklift or any other similar equipment. 

Law compliance


Most accidents, such as collisions, shifting loads, tip-overs, etc., happen because of inadequate training. Hiring employees that are certified operators or providing certification to in-house forklift operators is mandated by OSHA.

What does the forklift operator course consist of?

The structure of the course depends upon the skill level of an individual. 

For beginner operators, the forklift training and certification course will be focused on providing them with basic knowledge of a forklift’s operation, inspection procedures, loading products, and other such details. 

The course will also teach the operators about all of OSHA’s different rules and standards. Only after you pass the evaluation will you be granted the license to operate a forklift. Nowadays, aspiring operators can attend theoretical classes online and get certified within an hour. This gives them a chance to learn at their own pace from wherever they are. 

Those who have already been certified might have to take refresher courses repeatedly. In such cases, the course contains updates about the regulation and changes in the technology. The candidate might be re-evaluated in some cases to determine their skill levels. 

So, as an organization, you must ensure the forklift employees have their certifications as OSHA mandates in their act of 1970. Moreover, by hiring trained staff or providing the training, you can ensure the organization’s safety while improving its efficiency. 

This will help lower the number of accidents in the workplace and save the organization a lot of money in the long run. 

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