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Where to Find Student Internships in 2023

Let’s face it.

Getting a job after graduating is not a walk in the park. However, you can make your life easier by having an internship degree. When you have completed your studies, the two most important things that you lack our experience and skills.

Most successful organizations expect all their employees to have some experience and skills in their respective fields. And this makes it difficult for recent graduates to land their dream jobs. 

Despite knowing, you might fail to get a suitable position in the company of your choice. To avoid this, you should start hunting for lucrative internship opportunities offered by thriving organizations. Most of the internship opportunities that you’ll find are usually paid.

internationals working together

And they last anywhere from three to twelve months. After completing your internship successfully, you’ll have a clear understanding of your field and the work culture. In this post, we are going to help you discover where you’ll find student internships in 2023.


This is one of the most successful social media platforms in the world. Therefore, it’s a great place to kickstart your career. It has thousands of employees from different parts of the world. Most university graduates and college students compete to get internships offered by Facebook. You should read the internship essay samples before sending your application to increase your chances of success. If you manage to get it after reading essays and free examples, you’ll have the opportunity to work with creative and intellectual professionals from different parts of the world. The average pay for a 12-month internship program is $96000

Ernst and Young

This is another amazing organization that offers a wide range of internship opportunities to individuals who aspire to join their teams. You can either choose a winter or summer internship in the organization. You can also get an industrial placement option to help you get a suitable position in different departments such as tax, consulting, and technology. You can go through the requirements on their website to find out whether you are a good fit.


One of the best things that you can do to ensure that you have a successful career in the future is by reading student research paper essays and examples and applying for an internship program at Deloitte. It’s one of the best organizations in the financial field. You’ll get to learn a lot of things from the organization. If you have studied accounting, finance, risk management, consulting, or business development, becoming an intern at Deloitte will be ideal for you.


This is one of the best companies that offer internship opportunities on our list. Their programs are ideal for people who studied supply chain, engineering, marketing, and IT. You can visit their website to find out more about their internship programs. Before you get accepted, you’ll be required to submit your academic credentials and avail yourself of an interview session. Most internship programs are full-time and they’ll help you have an amazing learning experience.


This is another giant organization that offers internship opportunities to creative minds. Young interns get to work with intellectuals for a good stipend. While working at this organization is a good opportunity to develop your skills, you should keep in mind that competition is usually high. However, if you manage to stay ahead of the crowd, you’ll realize that your efforts were worth it. You need to be an effective problem solver and creative to get an opportunity at Apple.


Amazon is one of the best companies for college students to work in as interns and full-time employees. However, there are limited opportunities due to the high number of people sending their applications. This organization is quite demanding especially when it comes to communication.

There is a wide range of opportunities that are offered to interns to help them specialize in a particular field. Interns get paid decently thus making the entire experience enriching.

To get a good internship opportunity to ensure that you read teacher comments for students’ writing, spell for good grades, and understand grading college papers.  

Ford Motors

Another popular organization that regularly offers internship opportunities to college students is Ford. Getting an internship opportunity at Ford will help you get a chance to network and participate in a wide range of educational activities.

If you possess leadership and communication skills, you can get an internship program in this organization. Since Ford usually hires successful interns full-time, you might get a chance to work with one of the leading car manufacturers in the world without struggling.


Similar to other giant organizations, Google offers many internship opportunities to both college students and graduates who are focused on achieving their goals. It’s not easy to get an internship opportunity in this organization since millions of people across the world compete for the available opportunities.

If you are knowledgeable about a technical field, product management, or user experience, this is the ideal organization for you.



Regardless of how many hours you spend in class, nothing prepares you for your career like an internship. You should test the waters before applying for a full-time job. Internship opportunities also give you room to develop important skills and gain experience. These are some of the best organizations to find student internships in 2023.

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