Getting Ready to Go Back to College After a Break

So you’ve decided to return to college after an absence, which is no small decision. Resuming studies or starting fresh can be exciting yet scary at once. It is crucial that, both mentally and physically, you prepare for this transition to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. Here are a few helpful tips that will ease you back into academic life quickly and seamlessly.


Rekindle the Learning Flame

Has it been some time since you last cracked open a textbook? Get back into academic mode by engaging in intellectual activities. Reading books related to your field of study or taking short online courses could do the trick in waking up your mind again. Your brain will thank you when it’s no longer sitting dormant.


Get Organized Like a Pro

Organization is key to college success. Between classes, assignments and perhaps part-time work commitments, you need a solid plan. Use planners or digital calendars, such as Google Calendar, to develop an individual study schedule for each subject that’s adhered to. Showcase your organizational skills so they shine brighter than any late night study lamp.


Financial Fitness is Key

College can be both mentally and financially draining. Before returning, make sure your finances are in order by exploring scholarships, grants and part-time job opportunities, as well as consulting a financial advisor about managing your budget more effectively. 


Reconnect With Educational Resources

Brush off your library card and become acquainted with your college’s online resources. Most colleges provide access to a host of tools and databases designed to make academic life simpler. From accessing research papers or borrowing books to finding tutoring services, these resources can be invaluable. Nothing says a serious student quite like knowing your way around the library, both physical and virtual.


Flex Your Networking Muscles

Networking is not limited to professionals, it is equally important for college students and professors alike. Join college forums, attend orientation events, connect with fellow students and professors and use these connections as support networks and potential sources of insight that textbooks cannot. You never know when a casual conversation might turn into an academic study group or job referral.


Prepare for the PERT Test

Taking the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) can be an important milestone in your academic journey, so proper preparation is crucial to ensuring your best performance on this examination. First, familiarize yourself with its format, including sections on mathematics, reading, and writing. Utilize a PERT Test prep course or study guide for maximum understanding as you practice sample questions from these tests. Don’t wait until the last minute before beginning to study.


Self-Care Is Non-Negotiable

Finally, don’t overlook self-care. College life can be extremely demanding if it comes after an extended absence. To keep a healthy balance, incorporate exercise, hobbies, and downtime activities into your schedule to balance stressors like classes or tests. Eat healthily, get enough rest, and consider mindfulness practices such as yoga or meditation for relaxation. An energized self is more likely to succeed in reaching its full potential.



Returning to college after taking time away can be nail biting, but with proper preparation, it can be rewarding and enjoyable. Rekindle your love for learning, get organized, sort out finances, reconnect with resources, build a network, and embrace learning. These strategies should put you on your way to successfully navigating this next chapter of your educational journey. 

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