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Why Now’s Never Been a Better Time to Run a Trades Business

There are so many professionals out there who are trying to keep afloat in an ever-changing world of work. This is predominantly due to the changes in technology. AI has made everybody sit up and take notice, but also cower behind that chair in equal measure.

This is why, for those people who are looking to run a business to retain some sense of competitiveness in this world, they are better off running within the trades. Being a tradesperson is more promising than ever due to a number of factors, so why is it such an excellent time to be a tradesperson?

Advancement in Technology

While there have been many changes in tech to help businesses market themselves better, many beginner tradespeople can provide a far more diverse service, which improves productivity. A simple portable welding tool like the WIA Weldmatic 180 can be at home in professional and home environments so tradespeople can always operate a business on the go, no matter the discipline. 

A Shortage of Skilled Labor

Tradespeople are in high demand, and because the last 20 years or so have been spent equipping people to use computers and keyboards, the gradual depletion of skills within trades such as plumbing, electrical work, or construction has led to the aging workforce and a simultaneous shortage of skilled labor, creating a massive skills gap.

This skills gap needs to be filled by the young up-and-comers. Because of a shortage of skilled labor, those who are already plying their trades are in high demand, which means higher rates, more job opportunities, and greater profit across the board.

Growing Population

Because of a growing population, there is a growing housing market, and this means that houses require construction and renovation, from electrics to plumbing and everything in between. This results in a steady flow of work for people operating in the trades industries, and they’ll find an abundance of opportunities on their doorstep.

Tradespeople often enjoy consistent work because of the necessary nature of maintenance, repairs, and renovations. This is particularly apparent in newer properties. Because modern properties aren’t as robust as they once were, a skilled tradesperson can instantly clean up because of the steady work, regardless of fluctuations in the economy.

Additional Support

There are so many government programs and organizations that can support small business owners with things such as marketing themselves, fine-tuning their niche, and building relationships with customers. The modern tradesperson is arguably more entrepreneurial than those 20 years ago, and with continuous learning and certifications being more accessible than ever, there is no excuse for a tradesperson to set themselves apart from their contemporaries.

As a result, the tradesperson who can go beyond the stereotypical perception of a tradesperson can stay hugely competitive, especially in the age of AI.

Many people are looking for evergreen careers and as a result, the combination of high demand, advances in technology, and business support means that anyone who is looking for a way to become competitive in an ever-changing world would benefit from “plying their trade.”

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