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How To Keep Your Office Clean

Apart from your house, your office is probably where you spend most of your time. Keeping it clean and organized means a healthy and comfortable place for you and your employees. A clean workplace has been shown to reduce sick days and increase productivity. It also leaves your clients with a good impression. It’s easier to find thing important documents in a more organized office too. 

Reorganize All Office Items

All the hustle and bustle of a busy workday can lead to desks scattered with stuff. Your office space needs to let go of all visual and unorganized clutter. 

Start by sorting out all important documents and putting them in proper files and folders. This will help you find everything more easily in the future and declutter some of the mess. 

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Everything from pens, paper, sticky notes, office supplies, and pantry items should be in their proper place. Discard all unnecessary items to make room for new things. Less mess and less hoarding will also make the spaces look bigger. A less cluttered space is easier to clean and will look neater. 

Only absolutely necessary items should be on your desk and within reach. Nothing other than a computer or laptop, a notepad, and a few essential office supplies should sit on desks unless you have tools that you need to operate on a daily basis. 

Pass on these rules to your employees too, to make the entire office look organized and minimalist. 

Make It A Daily Habit

If you haven’t hired commercial cleaning services yet, it is your responsibility to empty the trash on a daily basis. Filled trash bins can lead to unpleasant smells and the spread of germs that can lead to illnesses. You can do it yourself, or set a rota and share out the responsibilities. 

After office hours, dedicate about fifteen minutes to a quick clean. Vacuum the floor, organize the pantry items, put away any office supplies and take out the trash. 

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You can’t expect your employees to help with cleaning and organizing. If you’re lucky, as a small business owner, your employee might offer to help, or you will need to do it yourself or hire a service. 

If people are willing to help, you divide these cleaning responsibilities up every day to keep the office clean and organized, without giving someone a lot of extra responsibility. 

Vacuum And Mop The Floor Every Once In A While

Whether it’s your house or your office, vacuuming and sweeping the floor are necessary to keep dirt and dust away. Your office is a commercial space that sees a lot of traffic on a daily basis. 

The high amount of footfall can leave you with piles of accumulated dust and dirt on the floor that can be invisible to the naked. More than your home, your office needs a thorough and regular floor clean, unless you have carpet. 

After you have vacuumed, the floor should be mopped using an appropriate floor detergent. You should mop at least once or twice a week to remove visible spots and marks that make the floor look dirty. Shuffling these tasks between your employees can make the work easier to get down on a regular basis. 

Clean As You Go

Organizing and tidying up as soon as you see a mess can help you to keep your office clean almost all the time. 

For example, clean up the mess or dirty dishes as soon as you finish lunch, or organize a messy drawer at the end of the day. If you notice a desk is dirty, wipe it straight away. 

Encourage your staff to have the same attitude. Cleaning up in tiny stages like this can avoid clutter and mess building up. You can keep cleaning items to hand to solve these issues as soon as anyone notices them. 

If you can instill this habit into your employees too, this will also make them more responsible and encourage them to treat the office space as their own. 

It’s much better to clean on the go rather than waiting until the end of the month and taking on a huge cleaning task that can leave you struggling to get it done. 

Target Public Areas

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Your office space needs to be cleaned regularly and kept organized, but the areas that accumulate the most dirt and bacteria are actually the public spaces, like the kitchen and the toilets. 

These are the areas that are the most unhygienic and can spread illnesses if you don’t keep them clean. Follow the same steps of getting these areas vacuumed and swept, followed by mopping with a disinfectant. 

Kitchen countertops see a lot of coffee spills and can collect broken food crumbs so they should be cleaned every day as they accumulate bacteria, which can lead to illness and unpleasant odors. Your kitchen might also have seating areas for eating lunch and gathering for short breaks, so keep these areas clean too. 

Make sure that sofas, tables, and chairs are cleaned for your employees to enjoy their breaks in a clean, neat space. 

The toilets also need to be cleaned every day, as nobody likes dirty, smelly bathrooms. Disinfecting the area is the most important step. Make sure you install air fresheners in both of these spaces to keep the smells pleasant. 

Hire An Exterior Window Cleaning Service

Once you have your interiors sorted, you need to think about the exterior of your office building. If your office building has glass panels, it is important to get them regularly cleaned. 

When it comes to high-rise window cleaning, you shouldn’t try to tackle this yourself. Instead, hire a professional service to get the best results. 

These experts specialize in exterior window cleaning over great heights with special rope rigging and training. By keeping safety and service as the main priorities, a window cleaning service will make sure that your office building looks spotless from the outside, which is essential for maintaining your reputation in the corporate world. 

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