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Future-Proof Yourself: How to Stay Relevant in the Age of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a continuous topic in the workforce. Since its development, the technology has helped businesses streamline their process in a way regular employees cannot. This left many people in the workforce worried and afraid that they’ll soon be replaced by AI technology, leaving them unemployed and with no source of income.

Although many companies assure employees that their talents won’t be lost against AI, it’s still a topic of concern for many. In fact, according to a 2021 Gallup poll, 22% of workers in the US fear that their current jobs will become obsolete because of AI in the coming years. And with the introduction of Generative AI, it’s become clear that their worries might turn into reality.

But how can we really stay relevant amidst the continuous advancement of technology?

A lot of factors come into play, but one thing’s for sure— AI cannot replace the human touch. While AI is a great way to optimize processes, it can’t provide the connection nor feel empathetic enough compared to humans. It can’t replace the skills only humans can have— soft skills.

Want to future-proof your career in the age of AI? Continue on reading this article to know how.

Develop your technical skills

Regardless of the presence of AI, honing your technical skills is essential to thrive in the labor market. Every year, millions of talented individuals enter the workforce, which means there is more competition for your role.

When you constantly develop your technical skills, you learn the essential knowledge and skills regarding your field of work. This allows you to add greater value to your employer, making you irreplaceable in the organization.

For example, an accountant can develop their technical skills by staying updated with the latest in the industry. They must know the latest amendments to accounting standards, issues regarding accounting, and even the new features in accounting software. This helps them become more efficient accountants and allows them to provide accurate figures for more informed and objective decision-making.

Never stop learning

Continuous learning goes hand-in-hand with developing your technical skills. After all, your knowledge and skills are what makes you indispensable.

However, when we say to never stop learning, it doesn’t mean you should only focus on your field of expertise. You should learn to expand your horizons and learn new things you might’ve thought you’d never be interested in.

You can take online courses to expand your knowledge base. There are a lot of digital platforms offering courses to students and professionals alike, from website development to project management to even bloodborne pathogens training. This way, you can add more value to your organization and open up more opportunities for your career growth.

Develop soft skills

Do you know what separates AI from humans? Simple— it’s emotion.

Although developers nowadays train AI to be more empathetic, it still can’t compare to what we feel when interacting with other humans. After all, people still make up an organization, regardless of using automation for their operations.

Soft skills such as communication, collaboration, leadership, and creativity are important in running a business. Without it, you can’t establish strong relationships with your co-workers and customers, affecting your efficiency in navigating and accomplishing daily tasks.

Create your personal brand

Imagine that you’re buying a painting. You’d pay more to get your hands on a real Picasso than a piece made by lesser contemporaries, right? This is also the same in the workforce. Employers would rather choose someone considered as best of the bunch rather than resort to others or even AI.

When you build your personal brand, you’re letting others know who you are, what you do, and how you do your work. You should establish a clear and consistent image of yourself, as it allows you to gain the trust of employers and customers.

The key here is to showcase your skills and achievements. Ensure that you can clearly showcase your potential to potential employers and clients.

Become unpredictable

In a market that’s constantly searching for innovation, being predictable is a definite no.

AI tends to provide suggestions that are rather predictive, meaning, they’re homogenized and considered as wisdom of the crowd. However, employers and businesses look for fresh ideas to make them stand out among the competition. At the end of the day, they’re running a business and they aim to grow constantly in the long run.

For example, if you’re employed in a digital marketing agency, you should suggest strategies that go beyond the usual digital platforms. You should create campaigns that can make a lasting impact to customers, and not only go along with the trend.

In short, to remain relevant in the workforce, throw the “If you can’t beat them, join them.” mindset down the drain. Instead, you should become a trendsetter by offering innovative and fresh ideas that your competitors might’ve not even thought of.

Adapt a global mindset

Globalization opened up a lot of different opportunities for businesses. Companies nowadays strive to dominate the international market, expanding their operations to different countries around the world.

As businesses go global, they are faced with a new challenge— working with other people from diverse backgrounds. There have been many cases of discrimination in the workplace around the world, with many of them rooted in racial and cultural differences.

This is why cultivating a global mindset is crucial in future-proofing your career. You can’t avoid the possibility of working with others who don’t have the same background as you, so might as well be open to them. By having a global mindset, you can avoid conflicts or incidences of discrimination in the workplace. Plus, it’ll expose you to various cultures and perspectives, allowing you to create innovative ideas to drive business growth.

There’s no doubt that technological advancements aided businesses to grow and will continue to do so in many years to come. This led to the concern of many in the workforce, that we might experience a future where robots do all the work for us. However, if you carefully plan ahead, you can future-proof yourself and still become relevant in a technologically advanced society.

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