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This Is How To Go Green Without It Costing You A Fortune

When it comes to lifestyle, it’s pretty obvious at this point that going greener is the way forward. Yet, many people are still laboring under the impression that living a more eco-friendly life is going to cost more money than they are paying out now. However, this is not the case! In fact, by being kinder to the planet you can be kinder to your wallet as well. Read on to find out how. 

Transform your commute 

One of the most significant causes of the greenhouse effect is CO2, and vehicle emissions have a huge part to play in this. That is why if you are looking to be greener, switching your commute from a car journey to a walk or bike ride is the way forward! 

Of course, the great thing about switching from driving to and from work each day is that it can save you a small fortune as well. After all, bikes or walking shoes are far cheaper than cars to both buy and run! You’ll even get some beneficial physical exercise by ditching the commute – so what are you waiting for?

Be smarter with your energy consumption 

Energy is a resource that we as a planet spend billions to generate. As consumers, we also spend billions to have it routed directly into our homes, and that is why it makes sense to get smart with our energy consumption because the less we use (or waste) the lower our energy bills will be. 

The good news is there are plenty of options that can help you reduce your energy usage. One of the most straightforward is to make sure you unplug your mobile devices when they are fully charged, as well as your everyday devices when you aren’t using them. 

Opting for batteries that you can recharge is a great idea too, as they will save you money and stop dangerous waste from building up in landfill sites and leaching into the surrounding environment. 

Lastly, when it comes to being better with your energy consumption, nothing beats generating your own. Happily, it’s not as hard to do this as many people think as all you need to do is look for the best solar installer in your area, and get them to add panels to your roof. By choosing an energy-saving heating and air conditioning unit to use alongside your solar panels, you can save even more money and energy, too. 

Only buy something new as a last resort 

Materialism is rampant in our culture, and with the increased availability of almost any product, we could want or need, it’s very easy to upgrade or replace faulty items without a second thought. 

However, doing so is terrible for the environment because it uses up energy and other resources unnecessarily, while also causing pollution. 

That is why, wherever possible, buying a new item should be a last resort. Instead, first, consider repairing your item, and where that isn’t possible borrowing or hiring it should come next. If they aren’t an option then buying second-hand should always come before buying brand new. 

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