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Taking Your Business International: How to Secure New Customers

Running a business is no mean feat, so when you’re up and running and driving sales, you may feel like you can finally relax and kick back while things tick over and profits keep rolling in. This is definitely an option, but if you’re itching for a next step to take and want to experience even further success and profits, you may want to consider bringing your business to an international level.

Selling overseas provides opportunities in that you can reach out to an entirely new target demographic who can boost sales, increase brand loyalty, spread further brand awareness, and generally help your business to thrive.

Plus, with the advent of ecommerce, selling overseas is becoming even more simple and more straightforward. All you need to do is offer the option of international postage and ensure that there’s a good fulfillment process in place to get customers’ orders to them in good time. Here are some steps that you can take to secure a new customer base and really get things moving in the right direction!

Making Your Website Internationally Friendly

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First, you need to make sure that your website is user-friendly for international visitors. It’s generally best to ensure that your website is able to be translated, with different language tabs available for customers to select from.

You should also ensure that all prices can be displayed in the currency of each visitor’s choice. For example, you can have a drop-down menu that allows customers to select their preferred currency. This makes it easier for people to see how much things cost. You should also ensure that shipping options are set to allow for shipping to international destinations.

Finally, you should have a detailed shipping page, including all the information customers in different countries will need to know about shipping, including estimated shipping times and costs.



You could be hugely successful in one country, only to find that people in other destinations haven’t even heard of your brand. This is why you need to come up with a good marketing and advertising campaign with the help of a professional company like Adtaxi.

Spreading brand awareness overseas will help your new audience to learn about your brand and begin to recognise your brand. Do some market research to determine which marketing and advertising methods will work best for you.

This could range from social media campaigns to PPC advertising, SEO campaigns in foreign languages, TV and radio ads overseas and more.

Ensure Good Service

You do, of course, need to make sure that the service you’re offering your overseas clients and customers is on par with what you’re offering at home. Make sure that you have customer service representatives who are fluent in the languages of countries you’re hoping to build your brand in. You should also ensure that order fulfilment and shipping is smooth and fast. This may mean opening up warehouses and other facilities in overseas destinations.

These are a few starter steps that should help to get your business moving in the right direction when it comes to establishing your brand in a new location!

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