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How To Make Workplace Training More Effective And Enjoyable

In every company from small to large, regardless of the business vertical or specific niche, one thing is certain – training is essential and is a requirement for every employee at some point.

If you have found training to be dull, inefficient, and a waste of time in the past, it is now time to make a change to how you approach the concept of training for your team. Read on to learn how to make necessary training better, and perhaps even a little fun, for everyone.


Incorporate Technology Into Your Training

In this day and age, of course, you are going to use technology as part of your training delivery system. But to what extent and how efficiently you can do it is a question. Make the process infinitely easier for everyone by embracing a learning management system, such as Enterprise LMS

With this engaging program, your training team can provide training sessions on multiple levels. Everything from intimate groups and cohorts to large-scale conference room settings will be seamless and straightforward. Using the available guides and templates means the trainers will spend more time creating content and less time making slide decks.


Make Training Fun

As you know, training is a requirement. Requirements do not always equate to good times. You can change that by encouraging fun and levity throughout the training sessions. Task your trainers with finding new and innovative ways to help your team bond during activities.

Watch this video to learn one way to host a meaningful team-building exercise.


Always Nourish Your Team

If you plan on conducting an in-person training session, one thing is certain: People appreciate food. That is a fact. Forego the stale catering company that is your go-to for food orders and try something different. A fast-casual establishment that delivers and offers relatively healthier options that are delicious is a good idea. Order family style or give your team a limited options menu in advance so everyone will receive a meal of their choosing. Always include a beverage, coffee, and water, of course. 

Depending upon the dynamics of the team, the layout of the training room, and the timeframe, you can incorporate eating into the training sessions or pause training altogether. The latter allows your staff to bond over good food and relax together.

Remember the Remote Workers

If yours is a remote workplace or you embrace a hybrid culture, it is important to remember those who are training from another location. Here are some steps you should take to ensure your remote team feels part of your workplace activities.

  • Make it a point to welcome those beaming into the training along with the in-person attendees.
  • Invite virtual employees to participate in activities with one another in a digital space if you are holding team-building exercises on-site as part of the training.
  • Consider delivering food to their locations to make the day just as special for virtual employees.
  • Give grace and empathy for any in-home interruptions that may occur (to a point, of course).

Go ahead and set your next training schedule. With these great ideas, your team will have fun while learning. And that is a win for everyone.

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