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Top Reasons to Have a Property Inspection

A big part of the home buying process is to have professional inspections completed. Without them, you might find issues later on that would bring down the value of your home or cause a range of issues that you then have to spend even more money to fix. It might be the last thing you feel like doing – mostly because you want to enjoy your new house and not find just one more issue with it – but it’s going to help you to feel more secure and sleep better at night time, too.

Seven Reasons for Property Inspection

It can help to have an external company check for things like asbestos abatement and cracking in the foundations. Those expert eyes can reveal hidden issues that a basic inspection wouldn’t normally pick up. You need to have a professional conduct an inspection before you truly settle on a property for a lot of reasons and lucky for you, we’ve put them all together.

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  1. For your safety. Putting the safety of your family first is a must and when you purchase a house, you want to be sure that it’s going to last you and stand the test of time. So, having a property inspection is the best way to do that and from something as simple as termites to cracks in the foundation could put your family at risk. Problems such as asbestos can put your kids in danger, too, and you can avoid it easily with an inspection.
  2. It’s super affordable. You can shop around for a property inspection company, but one of the best parts of the inspection is the fact that it’s affordable. Generally, they don’t cost much more than a few hundred dollars and that will ensure that you can give your home the best possible appraisal. The costs that come with a house that is left without an inspection can be huge, so don’t allow that to happen! Property inspections are an investment in safety and security, and you can do it easily with one phone call. 
  3. You’ll be able to avoid any pest infestation issues. Almost every property inspection company offers a combined property and pest inspection and if you choose correctly, you’ll have your home inspected top to bottom and thoroughly so that you can get rid of ant infestations happening. Termites can be a hidden danger and you won’t know they’re a problem for years – and then all of a sudden your ceiling caves in! Instead of worrying this could happen, you can get rid of the problem before you even move in.
  4. You’ll learn about any issues with previous renovations. If there have been any illegal renovations on the property, the inspection will bring these up and you can ensure that you move into a property with the right renovations done to it. Professional inspections can really pack a punch, too! All of those illegal renovations will be pulled up at an inspection if it’s done correctly, and you can ensure that those are either reversed or noted as illegal.
  5. You’ll find out if there are other structural issues. So, the house was built and you approved the builder, but you’re concerned. A property inspector who knows what they’re doing will be able to assess the damage completed. Any issues it may have can be brought to the surface and you can then go back to the builder with those issues. Any other damages might not be noticeable right away, but they can pose a serious risk down the track. You’re trying to save money, right? Well, the building inspection you have done will assess the true condition of your home and enable you to overcome any further problems it could have. 
  6. You’ll get a cost list. Those renovations that you might have to pay for will cost you money and the inspection will enable you to balance your budget. No one wants to see red flags or faults in their home, but property inspections can do that and it’s a big benefit in the end. 
  7. You get a chance to leverage decent negotiation. You can demand the repairs to be done by a certain time before you go ahead with a house purchase. You’ll also find that you’ll be able to get it done at a lower price if possible. You can work with the realtor for a good outcome because until you have had that inspection, you don’t have to put together that mortgage offer!

You want proper peace of mind when you buy a house and informed decisions are born from better research. Property inspections are a part of that!

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