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Unconventional Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Business

Apart from social media and other well-known, generic strategies, it would be helpful to learn some unpopular ways to push your business to the fore. According to reports, 95% of the UK’s marketing expenditure was geared towards online promotions, with very little dedication to unconventional strategies. However, these less popular tactics can make a difference, and you are free to adopt a hybrid marketing system if that helps. Below is a discussion of some unconventional marketing tips.

Consider pop-up shops

Marketing experts say pop-up shops are least used in the UK, but businesses that adopt this strategy are never disappointed. It is an opportunity for a section of the market you would never have reached to know about your establishment. Although statistics indicate that this strategy is often adopted among retailers selling tangible items, other businesses can maximise its use. The general perception has been that pop-up shops are better adapted for arts and photography companies, but there is more.

Over the years, setting up temporary pop-up shops has been relatively cheaper. According to the StoreFront website, the minimum cost of a rented pop-up shop in London is £10 a day. It may be lower or slightly more in other areas, but parameters like customer access usually define those. As a business, you cannot overlook the significance of a pop-up shop. It is an excellent way to test the feasibility of opening a branch of your business in that same location.

Give away stickers

How conversant are you with custom stickers? They are more than art pieces you stick on surfaces. They are marketing and advertising tools that can positively impact your business when used appropriately. Indeed, they appear unconventional but global businesses like Apple and GoPro use them as supplementary marketing. You can design or send image files to the right company and make your own stickers to boost your business’s marketing activities. Because of the direct messaging method custom stickers employ, it is easier to reach a wider market. You can print them as part of business souvenirs for promotions and other marketing activities you employ.

Bring in a non-competing brand

Another good idea is joining forces with another business brand to access a wider market. Your choice wouldn’t be a competitor because of the conflict of interest involved. However, by identifying another establishment different from yours, you can tailor-make activities to create a win-win situation. 

A typical example of this strategy was used by Boots, Unilever, and The Hygiene Bank. Although all three are business giants, they joined forces to tap into each other’s already established market access. By embarking on a hygiene and poverty campaign, each business built an extra following they didn’t have. This same strategy was used by Spotify and Starbucks when both endeavoured to penetrate the other’s market.

Giving your business that extra edge can sometimes be all you need to penetrate the market. Unconventional can be considered the underdog strategy from which businesses can benefit.

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