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5 Quick Tips to Make Extra Money in One Day

Sometimes you just need a little extra to make ends meet. And it can be challenging to do. But there are some easy ways you can make extra money in one day when you need it most.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Use

With internet sites like eBay, and apps like Vinted, it has never been easier to sell your stuff. If you look around your home, there are probably many things you don’t need. Older clothes replaced laptops and video games. And, of course, a drawer full of older phones.

Specialist phone sites pay good money for unused smartphones. Just Google “sell my phone” for tons of options. And if you have anything considered collective, you can make serious money. For example, an original NES Super Mario Bros. game recently sold for $2 million!

Do Freelance Work on the Cheap

Freelance work can literally be a tough gig because of the competition. And it can take some time for you to build a reputation on sites like Upwork and Fiverr. One way around this is to offer your services at a considerably reduced price and availability.

This is also an excellent way to build a reputation while starting off. For instance, if the standard bid for a 500-word article is $10, offer to write yours for $5. The significantly reduced price is usually enough for someone to choose you rather than someone else. Especially if their project is limited by a strict budget.

Make Extra Money in One Day with a Talent

Chances are, you won’t make it big. But if you have considerable talent, people will pay. For example, you could book yourself as an on-call backing singer. Further to this, you could try busking in a busy city center. More than begging, busking offers value for donations.

And people are pretty generous. As a busker, you can make a living if you put in the time and effort. But it’s great if you need a quick boost of cash for an unexpected bill. Just remember, busking is considered work, and so is taxable income. Therefore, you must declare it on your tax returns.

Offer Skilled Jobs for Cheaper

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Like web-based freelancing, you could offer real-world skills if you are good at something. And like Heath Ledger’s Joker’s father said, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” Of course, DIY jobs immediately come to mind.

But if you are more tech-minded, you could offer multiple services that most people aren’t good at. These include PC repair, installing new PC compliments, or updating software. Additionally, you could help older people by teaching them how to use smartphones or install cybersecurity features on their electronic devices.

Sell Things You are Good at Making

If you are skilled with arts and crafts, people will pay good money for hand-made or artisanal products. Sites like Etsy are excellent for selling your stuff online, and business is booming. Knitwear, paintings, and even food products are popular these days.

Or, for digital artists, you can make computer-generated artwork, video game assets, or even electronic music that you can sell. Further, you can use NFTs to sell and transfer ownership of one-of-a-kind items, which can sell for a considerable amount of money. However, you will need a crypto account.


It is possible to make money in one day. Of course, the easiest is to sell things you don’t need. But you can also offer web-based or real-world skills or sell items you can make.

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