Is Technology Ruining Your Career Prospects?

For the last few years, there have been murmurings and grumblings of people losing their jobs to technology. Why get a human being to do things when a robot or some software can do it just as well, if not better? Plus, employers don’t have to pay technology any wages or benefits, so it’s much cheaper to rely on it over human employees. 

This makes logical sense, leading many to worry that technology is ruining their career prospects. Think about it, there are so many jobs being taken over by robots and computers; doesn’t this leave you with fewer jobs to choose from?

It’s a worrying thought…but should you even be worried about this? Are people overreacting or will it genuinely be harder to find work in the tech-dominated future? 

Which careers are being taken over by technology?

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In most cases, workers are replaced by computers or robots when they do fairly unskilled jobs. Now, that’s one of the worst terms out there, but you can’t avoid using it. An “unskilled” job simply refers to a job that technically anyone can do without the need for special skills. 

Some common roles include: 

  • Cashiers
  • Drivers
  • Telemarketers
  • Factory workers

The reason technology takes over is that it’s easier for it to do the job than a human. Already, this should give you a bit of hope. Think about all of the jobs out there that depend on human interactions! 

What careers are safe from the tech takeover?


Highly skilled jobs will always be safe from the tech takeover. Even though hospitals use robotic arms to help with some surgeries, there are always human surgeons present. Ironically, jobs within the tech field itself are often the safest.

If you wanted to learn how to become a data scientist, you may worry that this job isn’t future-proof. Surely a computer can analyze data better than a human? True, but that computer still needs someone to develop the system to collect and analyze the data. It also needs a human to help make sense of the analysis. 

The same goes for jobs in areas like software development. With the growing improvements in AI, people worry about becoming software developers. Is it worth it when computers could develop their own software in the future? Yes, because there will always be people behind the AI developing its code to ensure it works. 

This point leads perfectly to the final point, which demonstrates why technology isn’t ruining your career path at all…

Technology opens new job opportunities

We get so worked up about technology taking our jobs that we forget how many opportunities it creates for us. Look at the two examples above: a data scientist and a software developer. Neither career is possible without technology!

Over the last few years, loads of new jobs have sprung up thanks to technological developments. Yes, some people have lost jobs to computers, but many have gained them! As technology continues to develop, more and more job opportunities will come up for people of all skill levels. 

An example of this would be where businesses are now using drones to take aerial pictures rather than people. It’s a safer and easier option, and you can find out more about zt 180 drone as well as others if you are a business owner. Remember though that you still need people to operate the drone, so it’s not a job that’s being lost, just changed.

We need to stop worrying about technology and start embracing it. The sooner we come to realize that humans and computers go hand in hand, the better. We don’t need to fight against technology as it is here to help us in our everyday lives – and in our careers.

What we’re currently experiencing isn’t a job shortage thanks to tech, it’s more of a career revolution. We’re in a transition phase where some traditional jobs will no longer be performed by humans, but new ones will spring up that need our expertise. 

Similarly, it’s worth thinking about what happens when lots of jobs are taken over by technology. It kind of forces people to rethink or retrain, meaning we look for in-demand jobs. In turn, this could help with job shortages in certain industries – like healthcare. So, in a way, technology almost indirectly leads to other career opportunities by forcing us to try new things. 


Technology is not ruining your career prospects. At best, it is making you rethink what you want to do with your life. Certain jobs are no longer as viable as they once were, but that’s okay! New jobs will spring up, and you can look at different career ideas you maybe wouldn’t have considered before.

In a weird way, technology may actually save you from going down a boring path and getting a job you never really enjoyed. Stop worrying about the impact of technology on jobs and start embracing it!

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