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Are You Making A Difference In Your Classroom

As a teacher, one of your primary goals is to leave a lasting impression on your students, to be remembered as the one who helped them get off to the greatest possible start in life. Lessons that are both memorable and educational are your aim. So, you want to be the best possible teacher. How can you know whether you’re accomplishing your goals and following the proper procedures?

Listed below are a few things to watch for. 

The Children Are Asking Questions 

When children are asking questions as well as answering them, it means they are fully engaged with what you are teaching them, and they want to know more. It shows they are able to relate what you are saying to queries they might have, and because they trust you and believe in you, they are happy to ask you the questions, sure that you’ll have an answer that is going to make your subject even more interesting. 

Of course, in order to truly make a difference to the students you are helping to teach, you do need to have these answers, which is why it can be useful to obtain additional qualifications in public education because this way, you will know much more than if you only studied one subject, and you can therefore offer much more information, making your lessons even more enjoyable. 

You Listen

If you find yourself listening to your students, whether in the classroom or in private when it’s one-on-one teaching, you are surely making a difference. Children need to be heard, and even if they don’t receive the support and encouragement they need at home, knowing they can get it from you demonstrates that you are actually making a difference in their lives.

This displays a degree of regard for your students that not many teachers are capable of or willing to provide. If you can provide it, you will not only push your pupils to achieve better, but you will also have the opportunity to influence their lives in the most positive manner, which is why many people get into teaching in the first place.

You Haven’t Been Afraid To Fail

Teachers make mistakes just like the rest of the world and allowing your students to be there when those mistakes happen shows that you are making a difference. Of course, no one wants to make a mistake, but if you are willing to try something new without knowing how it will turn out, and your students can trust you to show them, and you know they will understand if it doesn’t quite work, you are certainly making a difference.  

Firstly, you are showing them that you trust them, and this is vital. Secondly, you are also showing that mistakes happen, and they’re okay as long as you learn from them and get up and continue onwards afterward. No one is perfect, and when you’re in a position to teach this along with your subject, you can make all the difference in the world. 

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