How to Not Get Scammed in 2024?

In 2024, lots of people risk getting scammed because scamming businesses are on the rise. Nowadays, people not only scam others on their own or create small groups. They go further and create whole companies that specialize in fraud and scams.

Therefore, there is a big possibility that you can get scammed online. Above all, all people who use the internet are at risk of getting scammed. You may also like to use the Internet to hire writers for my thesis if you have problems with writing the thesis or dissertation. Let’s proceed to the fraudulent strategies that you can face.


Banking Scams

Banking scams are the most common in 2024. The users receive messages from some bank or a bank when they have an account. The message says that you need to confirm your identity and ask for your personal data. They may even ask you to share the details of your credit card such as pin code or CVV. When you see any message from the bank you should better call directly to the customer support manager of the bank and ask about the message you received and whether they make any requests to you personally.

Such scams are also popular in the crypto world. Scammers may ask you to share your password and code to enter your account on the pretext that you will lose your cryptocurrency or that the platform will soon be blocked and you will need to send your coins to them.


Date Scamming

This scamming strategy is more relevant to man. This strategy revolves around creating a fake account of a person, usually a beautiful woman, who meets you online and you start a virtual relationship. At the start, you feel like you’ll get along well and she’s really in love with you. You chat everyday and you may even fall in love with this person who does not even exist.

From the moment that the scammer realizes that you are in love or trust them they proceed with their fraudulent strategy. They say that it is time to meet in person, however, the distance separates you and you need the cost for a fly wage may be over $1,000. Therefore they may ask you to lend them money to help them get to you. They can also ask for your money for some other stuff like closing, food, or medicine on the pretext that they are in need right now and do not have any finances.

Therefore you should better make sure that the person you chat with is real. You can test a person by asking for a video call to check whether it is a real person. However, you should keep in mind that even someone real may wish to scam you


You Won a Prize!

Have you ever received a notification email or message that you have won a huge prize of over $100,000 or a new iPhone? If the answer is yes you may have observed that you had the hope that this is real for some moment until you realize that it is just a regular scam. However, some people do not get it and may fall into the trap of the scammers. Old people or millennials who do not spend much time online may not understand that someone is trying to scam them. The idea of the scam is to ask you for an additional fee to receive the whole sum of money. After you send the money they simply block you and no prize will be received.

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