5 Ways To Help Support A Gifted Child

Many people may assume that having a gifted child is easy. However, as a parent, you may feel under pressure to provide everything your child needs to sustain that gifting. You may find that your child needs more of a challenge than other children of the same age. 

If you’re looking for new ways to support your child, you may be running out of ideas. Take a look at some of these suggestions.


Encourage Them To Do What They’re Bad At

Very rarely is anyone good at everything. For instance, your child could be a whizz at language and literature but hate playing sports. It’s important for children to engage in all types of learning and activities to reach developmental milestones.

Learning to throw and catch a ball is just as important as learning to speak a second language. Do what your child is bad at with him so he feels supported and encouraged to achieve new things.


Expand Their World

Children often learn through experiences. Helping your child to expand his world could be doing something as simple as letting him make his own breakfast. You can also think about getting him a library card so he can choose his own books.

In addition, trips to museums and other educational attractions are ideal for showing your child more of the world. These attractions often have interactive shows that your child can get involved with to make the experience extra fun.


Consider Private School

Many gifted children end up feeling bored in public schools. Teachers often have classes of thirty children or more and can never give your child one-to-one attention. Private schools often have smaller classes and your child is far more likely to be seen.

For instance, Madison CT private school has a ratio of one teacher to seven children. It may be exactly what your child needs to bring out the best in him.


Avoid Comparisons

Even when your child is gifted and you want to unlock academic success, he should always be allowed to go at a pace that suits him. All children learn differently and at different rates. Comparing your child to other children of the same age could put unnecessary pressure on him.

If your child starts to feel pressure and feels that he must always be the best, it may hinder his friendships and enjoyment of school. Children need to be children so it’s important to go with the flow.


Talk To Your Child

If your child is particularly gifted, he may start to quickly notice that he’s different from his peers. This could lead to isolation if he doesn’t understand why. Talk to him about his level of intelligence and why it makes him different to others.

Once your child understands that being gifted isn’t a problem, it will be easier for him to play naturally with other children without feeling singled out. Let him know that he can always talk to you about anything that’s been bothering him.

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