Dealing with a Noisy Neighbor

A noisy neighbor can be a waking nightmare. Sleep, relaxing time, and relationships will be affected. One of the worst types is a drug addict or dealer who doesn’t care for those around them. From exploring legal options to working a schedule, here are some handy suggestions.

Try to Talk to Them

In most cases, it is simply a case that your neighbor isn’t aware that they are making excess noise. Some people like to play music loud, and just haven’t realized it is excessive. Just asking them to keep it down is often the best way to resolve the issue. If the noise is for something such as their job, like power tools, has some products that are a great alternative. You shouldn’t have to pay for excess noise, but soundproofing works wonders.

Explore Any Legal Options

Some people are just not willing to work with you on resolving a noise matter. Then, there are those who are unapproachable because they may be violent or hostile. There are legal options you can explore. For example, you can report them to local authorities for breach of local laws. A lawyer may also be able to help resolve the matter using specific legal tactics such as suing someone for the loss of quality of life. Talk with a legal professional to pursue your options.

Try Ear Plugs with a Noisy Neighbor

Often, some people do not even break the law when they create noise. We all have sensitivity levels. Some people aren’t bothered by sounds, and some are extra sensitive to them. The loss of sleep when you are sensitive is one of the worst side effects of a noisy neighbor. Good sleep eludes many people. A third of adults have insomnia, which is made worse by excess noise. Ear plugs can help by dampening sounds by around 20 decibels and may prevent it altogether.

Work Around a Schedule

It can be frustrating when someone isn’t willing to work with you and reduce their noise. However, if they make the same sounds at specific times, it isn’t too hard to rework your schedule. Of course, this isn’t always easy or possible. But it is worth a try if you can. Reworking your schedule for work, sleep, or relaxation around the times when your neighbor is most active will help you find some semblance of normality. If lucky, the disturbance may be temporary.

Issue a Notice to Inform

There are people who will not change. No matter how much you ask them to stop or when they know they are causing distress in your life, some just won’t. In these cases, it is better to pursue alternative avenues, such as legal action. However, that is costly and should be left as a final resort. You can issue a notice to inform the relevant authorities about the issue. This could be a local civic department, a tenant’s association or landlord, or the police if laws are broken.


Trying to resolve the issue by talking is the first step to dealing with a noisy neighbor. If you are losing sleep, then ear plugs can help. However, a notice of notification may stop the problem.

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