How To Improve Quality Control In Manufacturing

In manufacturing, product quality is everything, and you should be able to meet set industrial manufacturing standards and customer needs if you want to succeed. The higher the quality, the more satisfied your consumers will be, which means a higher likelihood of customer retention. This is even more important as the manufactured goods market is becoming more competitive. With the right quality control measures, your business can thrive in the face of strong competition, enjoying high returns on investment from increased sales. The following tips can help you improve quality control in your manufacturing business.  

Ensure quality by building proper processes

One of the first and most important steps in improving quality control is strengthening all your production processes. If every process related to your production line is of the highest standard, your product quality will follow the same standard. That means every piece of equipment, materials, and resources in your production line should be of the highest quality. It also means that the processes you use to design, test, and manufacture products should be of high standards.

Take the time to determine success and failure indicators for each production process. This way, you’ll easily identify products that fail to meet set quality standards and what you can do about them.

Invest in research and quality control parameters

Continuous research can help identify cutting-edge tech solutions, methodologies, and industrial best practices. Equipped with the knowledge from your research, you can develop robust quality control parameters that meet the highest industry standards.

Also, consider implementing advanced testing methods coupled with research-driven data to improve your quality control process. For example, if you manufacture pharmaceuticals or drugs, you can research how zeta potential can improve your drugs’ films and coatings. Zeta potential measurements can also serve as a quality control parameter, ensuring drug manufacturing consistency. 

Keep your workspace clean

Workers in an unkempt, unclean, cluttered, and disorganized working environment are always more prone to make errors and get injured. The more errors in your production line, the lesser your product quality. To avoid this, always ensure that your workspace is clean and well-organized. Encourage your staff by posting cleanliness standards and instructions at strategic locations around the work area. Every worker must be able to see and read each instruction to serve as a constant reminder.

It’s also worth mentioning that manufacturing plants that neglect cleanliness risk potential litigation from employee injuries and a massive drop in general production. 


Train your employees

As mentioned earlier, errors in your manufacturing line (caused by unclean and disorganized workspaces) can dent your product quality. However, untrained or poorly trained workers are also at a higher risk of making avoidable production errors. Ensure quality throughout your manufacturing process by giving all your employees (not just the Quality Control Officer) the right training. Every worker directly involved in the manufacturing process should be able to spot production abnormalities without a Quality Control Officer present. 

With trained employees, you’ll have more reliable eyes on the manufacturing floor, capable of spotting problems or issues before they turn into faulty products.

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