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How to Get Your Sustainable Fashion Brand to Stand Out

Needless to say, we’re living in the world of fast fashion; a design can be created and sold within the same week. That’s pretty terrifying, right? This is especially true with the constant trend changes and the sheer amount of waste that gets created. 

So, with that said, slowly, more and more people are shifting towards sustainability. Now, this is fantastic because the world is collectively coming together to save the world. But there can be (to a small degree) something slightly negative to this—not bad for the world or for the consumer, but for businesses. 

More demand for sustainability means more businesses that lean in on this, which means more competition and, of course, more greenwashing. But what about sustainable fashion brands? Yes, these are hands-down in demand, and fortunately, the pricing for sustainable fashion brands is coming down to the point where more consumers can easily purchase these brands. But how can you make sure that your sustainable brand stands out so consumers can find you and support your business? Well, here’s what you need to know!


What’s Your Unique Value Proposition?

So, to stand out in the crowded sustainable fashion landscape (which, as mentioned earlier, is getting more challenging), it’s crucial to define your brand’s unique value proposition. But what exactly does that mean? It’s really about figuring out what makes your business so special. What sets your brand apart from others? 

This can be anything relevant, whether it’s your commitment to using eco-friendly materials, your transparent supply chain practices, or your innovative design aesthetics. But it’s important to clearly communicate what makes your brand special and why consumers should choose your products over others.


Keep Innovative with Tech

Again, the whole point is to stand out—not just stand out and show why your business is better than non-sustainable brands but also why it’s better than other sustainable brands. It’s really up to you how you want to go about leveraging technology. While sure you’ll be using it to create your marketing and even design your clothes, how else can you take advantage of technology? 

Well, for example, you could utilize SaaS sustainability fashion– something that could be phenomenal for keeping up with industry regulations but also perfect for traceability. Nowadays, AI is getting bigger, so there’s a pretty big chance that this can be utilized, too. 


Get More Innovative with Your Materials

Theres quite a few ways to go about this, and who cares if other businesses are doing it, either? The end goal is to save the planet! But some ideas could include recycled fabrics, using organic cotton as your main material, biodegradable fibers such as linen, or low-impact dyes (or even using flowers as the dye). 

But overall, just try to embrace sustainable materials that minimize environmental impact without compromising on style or performance. Your customers are still going to love what you do. Just make sure to make it known in what way your fashion business is sustainable (because greenwashing is super common in fashion).

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