How to get more followers on Twitch in 2024?

Twitch is a popular platform that allows viewers to watch live streams online about video games, sports, music, entertainment and so much more. Since the evolution of video games and the internet, anyone can access twitch and over the past decade it has grown to become one of the most popular platforms for live streaming. In a single day, it has about 15 million active users and in 2023 twitch generated a whopping 2.3 billion dollars of revenue. 

Suppose your wondering how to get more followers on twitch then this article will give you an insight into what it takes to make it big. Keep in mind that with such an immense crowd it’s challenging to stand out, but it could be helpful to find same-minded people as you. 

Increasing your Twitch following is a great way to connect with people in the video game and entertainment communities. You can promote your blog, products, or services to those people and convert them into blog followers, leads, and customers. 

Why should you start streaming on Twitch? 

twitch streaming earnings

A significant advantage of Twitch streaming is monetization. There are numerous ways to profit, including donations and ad revenue. Another option is to join Twitch as an affiliate. You can earn money as an affiliate by selling subscriptions, enabling Bits, and selling games. Take a look at some of the top streamers to see how rewarding live streaming can be. But if you don’t make it among the top streamers having a few followers like 100 can still be beneficial. You can make around $500 per month. Not bad for a start, but you can improve your chances of growing your Twitch channel by following our advice as a gamer.

15 tips for gamers getting started on Twitch

Twitch affiliate program

Create an extraordinary profile

Having a professional aesthetic on your social media platform will benefit you in many ways. Putting some effort into your twitch page will make it more appealing and attract many more views. People have an eye for aesthetics and when they see one they take more time to have a look at it which is your main goal if you want more followers. Here are some tips that could be useful: 

The first thing your audience notices is your logo. Make it stand out and reflect your content by doing so.

Keep your bio brief. Simply consider what makes you a distinctive streamer and state it simply. 

Make sure your cover image complements the design of your brand and suits the profile’s look. 

Provide some panels on your profile where people can click to visit your donation and sponsorship pages as well as other social media profiles you may have.

Pick a genre for your platform

Try choosing a topic that you truly enjoy and are passionate about. Unique content keeps the audience and their toes and they will keep coming back for more. If you love what you are doing people will notice as well so stick to your passion. If you like playing video games then nail that as your niche. Make sure to include the appropriate tags to your stream so that viewers may browse it based on their interests. 

Invest in new equipment 

Having a high-quality setup will not only benefit you but it will help your viewers to hear and see your streams better during live streaming. People will appreciate the quality of your videos and with better tools, your job will be easier as well and you can lower the chances of uncomfortable technical issues. If you want to grow your audience you will need to invest in good hardware such as a mic, camera, lighting, and a stable connection. Some good equipment for live streaming are: 

In addition to the microphone and camera, a strong internet connection is also necessary. Large lags and latency can annoy your viewers and cause you to lose them.

Set your goals

You need to be aware of your goals after creating your profile and defining your specialization. Do you want to build a certain niche, produce more content, or increase your Twitch views and followers? Before setting a goal, keep in mind that it should be achievable. Try to deconstruct your aims and turn them into smaller steps so you don’t get overwhelmed and burn out fast. Everything in life requires good organization and patience because things don’t come overnight. 

Schedule your streams 

Scheduling is everything. Everyday life is pretty busy and if you don’t plan in advance and make it a regular thing people won’t be able to follow you on track. Pick a day and an hour in a week and stick to that. It has been shown that the best time to stream on Twitch is between 4 pm and 7 pm. If you check the average viewer count you can see that during this period, 3.6 million people log in. 

Share videos on Youtube 

Youtube options

By broadening your sights and cross-promoting your work on YouTube, you can also gain more Twitch viewers. Not only will you gain Twitch followers by doing this, but your YouTube channel will also expand at the same time. 

Promote on social media 

Other platforms can provide more followers on Twitch and your best option is to use the because nowadays social media gives a broad range of opportunities to increase your popularity.

You can cross-promote your Twitch content with not only Youtube but Tiktok, Facebook live, and Instagram TV. A lot more people can be found on these networks so might as well use them to grow bigger.

Sharing links and working together with other streamers through tags can also help. Keep in mind not to restrict yourself only to Twitch because with social media the sky’s the limit. 

Create a website 

Website uptime

When you are establishing a profession as a content writer, having a website is essential. If you don’t already have one, we strongly advise that you do so right now.

Through here you can add your Twitch account and promote your content. You can embed your Twitch videos with plugins for WordPress

Collaborate with other streamers 

Building a strong base on relationships with other streamers can help each other out and is a fun way to make new friendships and connections. To create a fantastic dynamic for your viewers when looking for a collaborator make sure you have great chemistry and a common sense of humor.

Other important considerations to bear in mind when seeking for creators to work with include having an overall good vibe together that attracts other people, complementing each other with strengths that you or the other half may lack, and trying to find someone who is just as serious about growing their platform as you are. 

You can also use different social media apps that can help you link with other gamers. Although this strategy could take some time, it’s worthwhile in the long term because of the audience you’ll gain.  

Observe other streamersTwitch streaming tutorial

I am sure that before starting all this you’ve watched thousands of different streamers before you got the idea that you want to start our platform. Observing is one of the greatest ways to learn and improve overall efficiency. Check out popular streamers.

The timing of their stream’s broadcast or the way they interact with their viewers could both be factors. You might even learn a few useful tips for your channel that you weren’t previously aware of. Do not, however, copy other streamers verbatim.

Personalize what you learn for your channel and target audience. 

Make gaming stream interactive with the audience

The fact that Twitch is interactive is one of the key factors in its popularity. The majority of the time, viewers who connect with creators receive donations and subscribe to their work. Streaming is a 2-way street, so if you want to keep the audience you need to listen and communicate with them. The best ways to connect with your viewers are: 

  • Do a Q&A video so that they can get to know you better
  • Showing off your streaming setup is always interesting to most people and it helps to open up more to your audience
  • Talk to the chat is another common way to interact 
  • Share your experiences 

Sell merch 

start building a website

Once you’ve gotten to a level where you have a strong number of fans and you’ve gotten to know your audience better you can try selling merchandise based on your content. Learn more about marketing strategies to generate interest in your merch.

Do giveaways 

Once you’ve done all you can on a budget it’s time to invest a little out of your own pocket. Starting a giveaway is not only beneficial for the lucky winner but for you as well. If you’ve heard about Mr.Beast then you specifically know the reason why he went viral. Simply follow these instructions to create a giveaway on Twitch: 

Open the “Community” menu item on the main menu, then select the giveaways menu item. Once there, select “make a giveaway” from the menu at the bottom. You can now choose a word or a number that your audience must guess correctly to enter the giveaway. Once you’ve completed the above procedures, simply click the “create” button to start your contest.  

Attend meetups and events 


The web is a great place for meeting new people and talking! Yet, nothing compares to actually meeting your favorite content producers.

This is why you should attend as many conferences as you can to connect with your fans, engage with them, and attract new ones.

You can attend the following events, for example, if you reside in Europe or North America: 

Common mistakes to avoid 

Making mistakes or bad decisions can happen. That is why we quickly react and try to learn from it and mend it as soon as possible. When it comes to people you will always have to watch out for sensitive topics and sense the fine line to humor. Some common mistakes to learn from are: 

  • Having a poor-quality stream 
  • Going live without a plan and preparation
  • Not interacting with the audience
  • Being indiscrete 


twitch streaming earningsOnce you know and master the basics in your head and you’ve set up a mind map of how you’re going to start executing your Twitch platform with our tips and tricks, you won’t have any excuses to grow your account.

It is a hard and rocky road that you will have to cross, but if you pay attention to feedback and follow these fundamental steps it won’t be long before you’ll see some progress in your following.  

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