5 iOS Apps to Convert Songs

Converting songs allows you to create your playlists to play offline. Audio music formats play smoothly without online disruptions. You can also share your favorite playlists with ease. It is not every converter available online that is compatible with your iPhone.

However, there are many iPhone-friendly apps that you can use to convert songs. Your playlists offer unlimited entertainment as you study, travel, work, or write research papers, or essays.

The Video Converter

The Video Converter is a lightweight app for converting your videos to audio. It is an easy-to-use tool and is highly rated among users. You can download it from the Apple Store and begin to convert your videos to the most common formats. It converts many video music types such as AVI, MP4, MPG, and FLV. To use the app, open it and select the files you want to convert.

Choose the output format that you want. Click the convert icon and your files will be changed to an audio format in an instant. Apart from audio files, you can also convert to other formats such as MP4, GIF, and WEBB.  After converting, a student can enjoy music while studying, writing, or reading essay examples. 

When you are streaming music, many streaming channels might ask you to write song reviews. In college, you could be asked to do a song review as part of your course. You need to listen to the entire song several times before you write its review. Reading a song review essay example can help you do a better review as you read popular ones from other expert writers. Choose free examples that contain quality information on popular song reviews like Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson and many more. Drawing inspiration from the free essays, write about your experience with the song. Review its detailed vocabulary and its impact on listeners.

The Video Converter has a video audio tool for cutting and merging videos. You can use it to compress videos without losing their quality. It allows you to convert your songs after compressing. It has advanced features for customizing your song quality needs.


UniConverter features a wide range of tools and is easy to use. It is rated as one of the fastest music converters for the iPhone. It is an all-in-one tool used for converting music, screen recording, and editing. The app has a simple user interface and is easy to learn.

The app allows you to convert songs into more than 1,000 formats. The main formats users convert into include MKV, MP4, AVI, and MOV. After converting, your videos do not lose quality. Students love using the converter to keep them entertained in their study rooms. Research shows music can enhance learning performance and help boost writing skills.

While listening to music, a student can write better essays, research papers, and other academic papers. The UniConverter can batch and convert a large volume of files in an instant. You can use it to download your video files from different websites, and social media channels. It is compact with iOS, macOS, and iPadOS.

Video Saver & MP3 Converter

Video Saver & MP3 Converter is one of the most advanced converters for iPhone in the market. It allows you to add pre-downloaded files in the cloud and convert them. It is a super-fast app and can convert nearly any type of file. It has an inbuilt player to automatically play your songs after converting them.

If your videos are stored locally, you can import them directly using the import feature. The app has a music-sharing feature to allow you to share your playlists with friends. When you are working on your computer, you can set the app to continue playing music in the background.

It allows you to convert your videos to MP4, MPG, AVI, DVD, WMV, and many more. It can compress 1GB of videos to 100MB without compromising quality. It has a built-in DVD burner for burning files such as MP4, MOV, AVI, and MKV. It allows you to add thousands of songs to your playlists.

Media Converter tool

Another all-purpose tool used for numerous activities is Media Converter. All of your audio and video files can be imported using it the app’s playlists. This video and audio extraction tool can convert your music files into any format. You may transfer your files to various storage locations from your playlists.

Your files can be converted by the software to MP4, AVI, ASF, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, WMV, and many other formats. You can download videos from a variety of platforms with the app. You may use it to share high-quality audio as well as play your playlists. The ability to convert between several file types is one of its primary advantages.

It can be used to simultaneously convert various video formats into a single file. Its user-friendly, straightforward UI provides outstanding converting speed. You can use it to edit, crop, and extract audio from your music files.

MP3 Converter tool

MP3 Converter is designed for all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It imports and extracts videos very fast. It stores your recently converted lists so that you can play them quickly. The app works with nearly any type of video format. It converts to almost any type of file format. It has killer features specifically designed for editing your audio files.

It helps you to equalize your songs, splice, clip, and convert. Its removal tools help you isolate various music components. For instance, you can use it to separate voices from instruments. Its compression feature allows you to compress videos and retain their original quality. It helps create more storage space in your iPhone. Compressed files are lighter and easier to share or upload online.


Music converter tools allow you to convert any type of file format to MP3, AVI, MP4, WMV, and many other types. Many of them allow you to extract, audio, trim, compress, videos, and play your favorite playlists. They are lightweight applications with a wide range of uses. They are compatible with Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

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