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Why Should You Consider Rewarding Your Channel Partners?

Increasing sales and loyalty through channel partners is a vital component for manufacturers. As an extension of your team, they are valuable assets you must acknowledge and encourage to help build your company and product.

Like all relationships, channel partner programs strive for mutual benefit, but steps need to be taken to avoid any problems. Partners need to know that you appreciate their efforts and value their expertise. 

But How can you ensure your channel partner relationship continues to produce a profit? The answer is an incentive program. By rewarding channel partners using the right technology, you can increase your ROI and provide valuable analytics for your business. It will also engage and enthrall your channel partners.

Here are the benefits of a channel partner reward program.

Build solid relationships with your partners

Channel partner rewards open new communication channels with partners eager to hear from you. It is a great way to make sure your program sticks to get your partner’s senior management motivated and engaged.

Your partners will likely work with more than one vendor. Therefore, they might be able to offer you additional products or services. It means that they could co-brand your service with a competitor or provide it as an upgrade. If you reward your channel partners, you can help build solid relationships that will benefit you in return.

Increase the visibility of your business 

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Incentives motivate channel partners to promote your products more eagerly to their customers, thus helping your business get discovered. A channel partner usually has a large customer base who purchases different products. So, if your business is still trying to penetrate a new market, you will have a stronger foothold in the market.

Create healthy competition among partners 

Having several channel partners can lead to great indirect sales when you encourage some competition among them. A “reward” or “incentive” might be anything that enables channel partners to go the extra mile for better results. For example, you can create a competitive edge among the channel partners by offering them a vacation if they bring in the most sales. They may strive to surpass each other to win the award. 

Extend your brand reach

When a brand and a channel partner collaborate effectively, your products become essential to their success. As a result, they can introduce your brand to new users and increase visibility locally and even globally. It reinforces positive branding interaction.

Track program effectiveness

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Businesses traditionally give channel partners incentives manually. It is impossible to track how effective incentives are for attaining business goals with manual systems. Companies can track partner performance and the usage of incentives and rewards through online channel incentive programs. By monitoring specific programs and rewards, you can determine if they work effectively or require any changes.


Relationships with channel partners are something that must be nurtured by companies regularly. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, so any effort to improve it will only strengthen the channels. By following precise and well-defined steps, and managing workflows, channel incentive programs can help you make the most of your partnerships and processes.

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