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Why It’s Time To Build A Performing Personal Brand

Personal brand, what is a personal brand for? 

Most people think of the personal brand in terms of creating a personal profile online. 

I have a Facebook page with a logo for my business. Is it enough? 

Well, not so fast.

Undeniably, Facebook is still a relevant social media platform with over 1.9 billion daily users on Meta. Meta includes WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook. So, it would make sense to create a page for your business and capitalize on social engagement.

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Except that over 200 million small businesses are actively using Facebook tools, including the infamous Facebook page. So, granted, you may be on Facebook, but so are they. Naturally, not all business owners will be directly competing against your presence. Yet, some are, and they could be preventing revenue growth. So, that’s where having a performing personal brand can make a great deal of difference. 

Indeed, your personal brand increases visibility as an entrepreneur by:

  • contributing to strong emotional and intellectual connections with people
  • showcasing the values you represent
  • influencing people’s behaviors
  • gaining your audience’s trust

In other words, your personal brand is not the same as your branding activities. And that’s where building your clarity, energy, productivity, influence, and courage will tip the scales in your favor. Professionals can reach out to specialist coaches such as Kate McKay, for instance. As an entrepreneur, you can learn from Kate to achieve your goals and transform yourself and your business in the process.

So how does it translate into everyday business life?

You can monetize your social media presence

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The dream of turning social media interactions into cash is often unreachable for many. Indeed, making money from your social media channels requires a loyal group of followers. Ask yourself one important question: Why would people follow your business online? Why choose you and not your competitors? The answer is: Because your positive and high-performing personal brand makes you:

  • more visible
  • more credible
  • more desirable  

You will also need to boost your social media activities to ensure the algorithm can maximize exposure to your audience. Content creation is crucial. But content creation without quality personal branding is useless. 

You can reduce marketing costs


The average marketing budget in a small business is between $10,000 and $50,000 per year, according to the Clutch and The Manifest polls. On average, most industries will spend around 1% of their income on marketing activities. Yet, some business types, such as leisure industries and jewelry stores, may need to dedicate up to over 4% of their income to marketing. 

Therefore, being able to reduce expenses without affecting your sales can be a game-changer for small businesses. So, when your personal brand works hard to attract and convince new customers, you can cut down marketing expenses without suffering a loss. 

Your personal brand goes above and beyond your business reputation and identity. Your personal brand as an entrepreneur has a transformative impact on the company, making operative and strategic efforts go a little further. When two businesses follow the same go-to-market strategy, but one of them records a higher income, a high-performing personal brand is the reason for this success. 

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