JavaScript vs TypeScript

Should You Be Using TypeScript or JavaScript? 

Among all the known programming languages, JavaScript is one that stands out for its popularity throughout the general media. The reason for its popularity is its use in developing web pages, as well as environments without browsers and server-side or client-side programming, something that wasn’t always an option.

Javascript is an interpreted, lightweight compiled programming language that is also object-oriented. This means that JavaScript needs an interpreter to read and execute the code but it is still a language that has a simple syntax and has a minuscule memory footprint. 

JavaScript is easy to learn, adds interactive aspects to web pages, and can be used when developing applications, servers, 3D drawings, and even games. JavaScript’s supposed ease of use begs the question, why are around 60% of developers making the switch from JavaScript to TypeScript?

What is TypeScript and why was it created? 

JavaScript vs TypeScript

TypeScript is a syntactic superset of JavaScript. What this means is that this language is JavaScript at its core whilst adding syntax on top of JavaScript.  

The way JavaScript was initially developed was as a client-side programming language and this version of it was named ES5. As the use of the ES5 version kept growing, developers came to realize that the language could be used as a server-side language as well.

This became the ES6 version of JavaScript. As the language kept on developing and becoming more complicated, it hit a point where it became too complex to count as an Object-Oriented language (JavaScript is a prototype-based language) and couldn’t fulfill its duty as server-side technology on the enterprise side,  thus TypeScript came to be. 

Elements of TypeScriptTypeScript

One thing to know about TypeScript is that it has to be transpiled as browsers are unable to interpret the code as it is, needing it to be compiled into JavaScript. TypeScript also uses compile-time type checking, skimming through whether specified types match during arrangement rather than while compiling.

There is an easy method of conversion between the two languages, which is to simply switch the extension from .js to .ts. TypeScript also supports multiple types of environments, not just one, and also supports JS Libraries, which allows developers to use existing JavaScript code, popular libraries, and so on.

TypeScript can also be compiled to run on any browser and also supports static typing, making compiling go much smoother. Overall, this programming language is better suited for collaborative and efficient work.

Why is TypeScript surpassing JavaScript? 


TypeScript can easily be used for enterprise-level or large applications thanks to all its features. The reason why companies are opting for TypeScript over JavaScript is that the challenging nature of JavaScript can be easily surpassed by the use of TypeScript. 

It takes less time to read, implement, and fix any issues within the code thanks to TypeScript immediately highlighting errors thus decreasing bugs. It also is compatible with all types of browsers, giving it a lead on JavaScript. You can also use the comment feature which adds your comment to the code to check on later. This also helps with collaboration within companies such as Google, Facebook, or Microsoft, that have opted to make the switch to TypeScript.

The above reason is essentially why people are now opting for TypeScript over JavaScript, but there is more to it.  Another advantage to using TypeScript is that it behaves the same as Python or C++ in the sense that their arrow function methods all come in abstract classes that aid in server-side development. TypeScript is also supported by frameworks such as Angular (a framework Google and many others are known to use on TypeScript).

These frameworks allow for better code to be written, not to mention TypeScript supporting ECMAScript as well. This constant evolution in programming languages further underlines how technology is a solid career path since new opportunities will keep appearing for companies and their employees. 

What disadvantages are there to TypeScript?

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Though TypeScript holds a large advantage over JavaScript, there are still some disadvantages to using this superset.  TypeScript supports the use of outsider libraries but it also needs a type definition document, which isn’t always accessible to anyone.

There are also some missing highlights between JavaScript and TypeScript such as Generics with Higher Key or Composition.  Finding developers who specifically use TypeScript could also prove to be a challenge for companies since many still prefer to simply use JavaScript and are also better at it, though it’s no question that TypeScript should be adapted.

Lastly, the amount of time it takes to compile code might be a setback, but taking into account the better accuracy of the code it evens it out with JavaScript.

When can TypeScript be used and by whom? 

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Typescript is used similar to JavaScript, which is for software and web development. This programming language can be found in interactive content such as browsers, apps, servers, or sites, and has even found its way into game development in the shape of algorithms, patterns, and so on.

What all this means is that larger teams or companies are the ones most often using TypeScript, though it can be done solo or even programmed by AI at this point, though AI tends to add a whole other set of complications.


For all the above-mentioned reasons, TypeScript is taking off on a path to surpass JavaScript thanks to its features that have adapted to the needs of developers now.  Though it may be hated by some, the programming language is still proof of how the evolution of these sectors won’t end and is still important for the betterment of development and pushing boundaries.

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