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Who To Outsource For Your Business Event?

Hosting a business event such as a launch party or a sales conference. It’s likely you’ll need a helping hand. Below are some of the different services that could possibly be worth outsourcing for your event. 


Will the event be held at your business premises? Or do you need to hire an external venue? This is the first thing you should consider. If you’re putting on a conference, you may find that it’s worth hiring out a lecture theatre or a community centre hall for the event. If you’re hosting a launch party, you could even consider hosting it at a function hall in a bar where things like catering will be included. 


What type of equipment do you need for your event? If you’re putting on a presentation and the venue doesn’t have a projector or whiteboard, it could be important that you invest in this equipment. You may also need to hire equipment like chairs and tables, or even a marquee for an outdoor event. Shop around for quotes to get the cheapest deals on equipment.


People need to remember your brand, so it’s worth investing in some visual branding. Consider things like posters, banners, and signs. If you’re attending a trade show, you may even want to consider finding a company to design your own branded booth. You can also look into branded merchandise to give away at your event including bags, pens, hats or sunglasses. This guide at Go Promotional lists a few branded merchandise ideas to consider. 


Will there be food and drinks at your event? If the venue doesn’t provide catering, you’ll need to arrange your own catering. Hiring external catering is recommended, as it will ensure that food and drink is high quality. 


For some events like launch parties, it could be worth hiring some entertainment. This could include a DJ or a live band. Make sure that any music or otter form of entertainment is appropriate to the formality of the event.

Public speakers

Some businesses like to hire external public speakers to speak at their events. This could be a sales rep who is able to speak on behalf of your business. Alternatively, you could hire guest speakers from sites like Executive Speakers to talk about relevant topics. This could go down well at events like networking conferences or staff team-building events. 

Event management

Outsourcing all of these different people is a job in itself. By hiring an event management company, you could let them take care of the whole organization process from tracking down caterers to decorating the venue. These companies may even be able to market your event for you. All you have to do is outline what you want and then turn up on the day. 

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