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4 Ways To Sharpen Your Nursing Skills

Being a nurse is a rewarding job, and it’s a noble career to have. You set out each day to help those in need so that they can improve their health and focus on getting better.

You may feel stuck or unsure of where your career is heading in nursing. Although you may enjoy what you do, it’s possible you want more out of your role. In this case, learn four ways to sharpen your nursing skills so that you can take on new and more challenging positions and get noticed by your employer.

1. Network & Identify A Mentor

Sharpen your nursing skills and advance your career by networking with others and learning from the best. Identify a mentor who can answer questions you have and guide you in your career path. Find someone who you look up to and trust and you know has your best interest in mind.

They may have insights and advice that sparks your motivation and curiosity and helps put you on a better path that will lead to more success. Another idea is to join a professional nursing organization that will have resources to refer to and opportunities to meet new people in your field.

2. Go Back to School

Continue your education by going back to school as an additional way to sharpen your nursing skills. For example, there are many more opportunities and leadership role opportunities to take on for Nurses With MBAs. If you love nursing but want to further your career and increase your knowledge then investing in yourself and your education may be the best option for you. Healthcare leaders are in demand and you’ll be presented with an increase in job opportunities when you complete your coursework.

3. Attend A Nursing or Healthcare Conference

You can also sharpen your nursing skills by taking a break from your day job and attending a conference. You’ll not only gain new knowledge and skills but will also have the chance to network and engage with people who share your passion for nursing.

You can use it to exchange and share ideas with others, get outside of your normal routine and thought process, and ensure you’re keeping up with your professional development. Be sure to keep notes so that you can take this new information back with you and apply it at your job.

4. Ask for Feedback

You may not know how you’re doing and performing until you speak up and ask. Sharpen your nursing skills by reaching out and gathering feedback about yourself and your skills. It may be through a formal performance review meeting or maybe you want to collect input from coworkers and supervisors. This feedback can be very valuable to you and help you along in your career if you avoid taking it personally and instead use it to your advantage to work on areas for improvement.

Make a note of what your strengths are and what sets you apart as well so you can relay this to future potential employers and advocate for yourself at your current job. 

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