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Keeping Your Garden Healthy And In Good Condition

Not only is it important to make sure your home is in good condition but it is also important to make sure your garden is too. Especially as summer approaches and we will be spending more and more time in them. When you’re just getting started with gardening, it can feel like there’s a lot to learn and a million questions. What kind of soil should you use and how should you plant your vegetables? When should your plants be pruned?

Get started with Gardening

Spring-flowering plants like lilacs and large-flower climbing roses should be pruned as soon as the blooms fade. They set their flower buds on the previous year’s growth in the autumn. Pruning them in the fall or winter removes the flower buds for the next spring.

Only use composted, rotted manure that has been in your soil for at least six months. Fresh manure is heavy in nitrogen, which can cause plants to “burn,” and it may also include diseases or parasites. Pig, dog, and cat manure should never be used in gardens or compost piles because parasites that can infect humans may be present.


After you plant perennials, they usually take three years to reach their full size. Remember the old adage that they “sleep, crawl, and jump” each year? Learn how lengthy your growing season is (the time between the last spring frost and the first fall frost) so you can start some plants indoors or avoid growing them altogether. Perennials and annuals both benefit from deadheading.

Because the aim of annual plants is to flower, set seeds, and die, removing the old blooms encourages them to produce more flowers. By removing wasted blossoms, plants are encouraged to focus their energy on growing stronger leaves and roots rather than producing seeds. Plants produced primarily for decorative fruits or pods should not be deadheaded.


Drainage may make or break a project, but it’s no simple task. You’ll want to employ a company with the knowledge and equipment to grade and drain your outdoor space appropriately. Otherwise, you risk pooling water and potentially losing your investment in what should be a lovely yard for you to relax and enjoy. So you should certainly look to hire drainage companies as they will be able to deal with it in an effective way.

Hand-weeding and hoeing are the most effective methods for weed control in the garden. Avoid thorough hoeing or cultivating to prevent weed seeds from reaching the soil’s surface and germinating. To prevent weeds from going to seed, weed early and often.

Mulch will suffocate and prevent annual weeds. If you wish to revive an old plant, expand the number of plants you have, or simply prefer the beauty of single plants, you don’t need to divide them. The best time to divide your hostas is in the spring before the new branches emerge and the leaves unfurl, or in the fall, at least four weeks before your soil freezes solid. 

The good news is that nature can teach you a lot. You’ll learn more about what works and what doesn’t as you garden more.

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