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Three Steps To Better SEO

SEO aims firstly to help you understand what your visitors are looking for.  A good website design is the first step and with WebX360 it is possible. Maintaining good SEO practices helps increase the quality of a website by making it user-friendly, faster, and easier to navigate.

Achieving better SEO for your Website

With good design, it is easy to integrate SEO into the design with images and even video and really get the word out so to speak. But it also takes a little more than that. Some things can in fact be quite technical!! You don’t need to go on a course to learn but you do need to be aware of some of the technical words to succeed. 

1. Take care of your content without having to “reinvent the wheel”

A good website ranking in the search engines depends in large part on the frequency of publication of an article and/or product that is likely to make visitors want to come back regularly. But that takes imagination and a real desire to serve visitors looking for products or information on your website.

Many website owners who regularly want to post articles on their websites themselves sometimes find themselves running out of inspiration for several reasons and end up giving up, neglecting the potential traffic to their website. Website owners find themselves blocked from the idea of ​​writing a long article that is not necessarily useful to their visitors because it won’t serve their purpose. 

2. Help your lower-ranking pages improve

If you use a website traffic analysis tool like Google Analytics or other, you will be able to see which pages of your site are among the most visited. And those that are less, which might then deserve your attention.

If you intend to find certain pages on your website at the top of the search engine rankings but other pages clearly seem to be of more interest to your visitors, then there is no way you can give low-ranking content a boost. Creating connections between your pages will not only improve the overall SEO of your website but will also improve the ranking of your lower-ranked pages.

3. Use ALT text to improve the SEO of your images

The main way to use SEO images on your website is to use the ALT tag. These keywords can be your business name or some other unique phrase associated with the work you do. When choosing keywords, it is important to keep in mind that the ALT text should be concise and as brief as possible, so there is no need to want to inflate this tag with keywords that are not related to your image and your content as a whole.

Search engines will notice these tag texts, when they match a search performed by someone, they will constitute the results of the image section of the Google search engine.


SEO is crucial for company growth and creating the right lead generations. Most SaaS companies cannot grow without the right SEO strategy implemented into their business. Content optimization, digital PR and image optimization in terms of infographics can help retain a large number of organic traffic to your business.

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