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4 Best Ways to Fireproof Your Workplace

A fire outbreak can happen to any business at any time. According to recent workplace fire statistics, approximately 7,500 fires occur every year in the US. Fire safety should be a top priority for your workplace. That said, here are the four best ways to achieve this. 

Get a fire extinguisher

Check that your fire extinguisher is in good working order and is conveniently accessible. If a fire breaks out and is small enough to extinguish, you will be able to put it out fast. However, if it’s too big, it’s best to get out while you still can. Additionally, it is vital to have your fire extinguishers tested to determine their efficacy in case of an emergency. You may also want to learn how to use them properly, so keep this in mind. While it is recommended to evacuate the workplace first and get everyone to safety, it is useful to know when you and your team can properly use the fire extinguisher to salvage the situation. 

Invest in proper fire detectors 

If you work in an office building, chances are the building has fire detection systems that meet required fire standards. Your workplace must comply with required fire detection systems standards to protect life and property. If you have a smaller office or workplace, ensure to install fire detectors at a rate of one per 30 feet or one per 500 square feet. However, it is not enough to install if you are not going to make sure they are in good working condition. Consequently, make sure they have plenty of battery life by testing them regularly. 

Update your electrical wiring 

Electrical fires are frequently caused by outdated electrical wiring. If your workplace building or structure is old, its wiring capacity may be insufficient to support the increasing number of electrical equipment found in today’s ordinary workplace. The wiring may not be able to hold the additional power load,  making it prone to overheating and fire outbreaks. 

Because electrical work is mostly hidden behind the walls of your office, it can be difficult to identify if you have old and insecure wiring. However, keep in mind that electrical issues are a big fire hazard, so you may want to check out for commercial and industrial electrical and maintenance services to update your workplace wiring.

Keep clear windows and walkways

working in a modern officeEvery workplace should have a plan in place in the event of a fire. These plans will most likely require you to take the stairs before reaching the window, but you must be prepared for any eventuality. Do not obstruct windows or walkways with desks, seats, tables, or other items. Consider what would happen if a fire broke out right now when setting up your workplace or tidying up. Would everyone be able to pass through the isles and walkways swiftly and easily? In the worst-case scenario, where the only way out is through the windows, it’s critical to maintain such areas free at all times.

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