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4 Things Other Than Salary You Need To Consider When Taking A New Job

Congratulations! You have been offered a new position with a new company. But are you 100% sure you should take it? Check out the considerations below to help you decide whether you will stay with your old role, or move on to the new one! 


While we are not going to cover salaries in this post, another aspect of whether to take a new role or not are the benefits they provide. Indeed, a company with great employee benefits can be a wonderful place to work, as well as save you a great deal of money. 

One such benefit to look out for is providing free snacks and drinks throughout the day, which not only help you stay energized and motivated but can cost your weekly grocery bill considerably. 

Similarly, a company offering free gym membership as part of their employee benefits is likely to both care more about employee wellbeing and cut the cost of such a membership out of your own personal finances. 

Travel time 

Another issue that you must carefully consider before taking on a new role is the commute time involved. This is because even if you are offered your dream job, with all the benefits you could want, getting stuck in traffic for hours a day can take the shine off pretty quickly. 

To help you make your decision you can use a tool like this distance matrix API that will calculate 

Your travel time, as well as the weekly, monthly and yearly commute cost. Thereby making it easy to see whether you will be better off by saying yes to this opportunity. 

Office aesthetics 

Making office aesthetics one of the criteria to consider may seem like a vanity, but it isn’t it. This is because as humans we react to the environment that we find ourselves in, and it can affect all sorts of things from our mental health to our productivity. 

We also spend a great deal of our time in the work environment, so it only makes sense that we should choose one in which we know we will be happy. To that end make sure you tour the facility where you will work before you accept the position, and ask to see your specific workspace. Look for spaces with high ceilings, large windows and plenty of natural light. 

Company values 

Last of all before you make a move to a new job in a new company it can be very useful to examine the values of the business you are considering working for.  For example, if environmental issues are close to your heart it’s likely that you will be the happiest working in a company that shares this view, and is actively working towards sustainability. 

Just remember to get some real evidence of the things your prospective employer is doing that align with their values. After all, just having a paragraph or two on their website is not enough to know that they are truly acting in this way or will be the perfect fit for your needs.  

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