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Top Tips for Setting Up Your First Office Space

If you are embarking on the exciting new adventure of growing your business and moving it into an office, then there is a lot to learn. It can be a big change for you and a huge investment for your business, so you want it to go as smoothly as possible. It is therefore vital that you prepare yourself, your business, and the space as much as possible before you fully transition and hire employees. 

Here are some top tips to help you set up your first office space. 


The first and most important task to do is to determine your budget. Your budget needs to include the office space, as well as the monthly utilities, computer hardware, desks, and other equipment you will need to fill it with, decor, cleaning, supplies and any other essential tasks to make it a professional environment. You don’t have to have everything when you start. You should only ensure that you have the essentials that will get you set up, and you can build up from there. 

Plan your Layout 

Planning the layout of your office space may be more of a challenge than you first realized. You have to consider the number of employees, the size of the desks, as well as ensuring everyone has enough personal space and is comfortable enough to move around. You may also need to make room for private meetings, and a lunch area. 

As a business, you are responsible for your employee’s safety, which means you have to organize the space in a way that does not create any hazards. It should also follow the most recent COVID-19 guidelines, which could be anything from good quality ventilation to social distancing. 

Set up a Network 

A network is another important aspect of a business. Most businesses run online, or at least have a large portion of their functionality online. Whether you run an eCommerce store, need to communicate globally to customers and stakeholders, or simply need software to work more efficiently, a good network needs to be set up before your employees move in. Do your research to ensure you find a network provider that is reliable, trusted and secure. You will also need to ensure the speeds of the network are good enough for your employees to conduct their jobs. These can vary with providers, and the area you are located in. Secure your Business

Your business must be secure. You are responsible for your employees physically, as well as all the sensitive business, customer and employee information on your network. You should opt for intelligent security systems on your building, to protect your assets, hardware and employees, for example, the systems fitted by Infassure. You should also secure your online networks with antivirus and anti-malware software. 

When you first move into an office, it can feel overwhelming with all the tasks you need to consider. With these top tips, you can ensure you prioritize the right tasks and get your office space set up properly, and securely.  

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